Power Fridays with Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks for coming by for another Power Friday! Grab your coffee and come on in for a minute or two. 🙂

So last week I shared that the greatest offense we can commit in an intimate relationship is dishonesty, which may have surprised a few of you. Let me explain what I mean. Too often, especially in marriage, don’t really say what we really mean. We beat around the bush, hoping he/she will read between the lines. Sometimes we even tell ourselves, we shouldn’t have to say anything; they should just know. 🙂 This is a common mistake that gets bigger every time we make it.

In healthy, living relationships, we agree that we will keep talking when someone feels hurt, misunderstood or even through disagreement. This is the true adventure in relationships!

Steve will be sharing some amazing truths pertaining to relationships. Please, resolve to be there! 🙂 Here’s the scoop.




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