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Coffee Hour!

Thanks so much for joining me for Coffee Hour. I am overwhelmed with the gift of you, knowing that I have someone to share this news with. Grab your coffee and come on in. 🙂

I know you know it’s finally here; “Back to Single!” is finally in print and though it will not be officially released – meaning in the system for Barnes & Nobel, Amazon, Nook, Kindle, et cetera – until May 29th, there are things happening where “Back to Single!” is concerned.

In my “Coffee in Cabo” series, I transparently shared that I realized I wasn’t looking forward, for the most part, in doing book signings; that to me, they are draining and can definitely be demeaning. There was a certain feeling that was looming over me that for the life of me I couldn’t – that’s it; it was oppression and while I squirm at the thought of a daily cup of humility, I don’t believe oppression is to be a part of this journey! So, with the help of our Father and His working all things together for His glory, I have had a couple of major breakthroughs and I have to say I’ve kicked oppression to the curb and I am getting so excited.

Allow me to share the first breakthrough, which has to do with the “marketing/promoting” aspect of this book. In my conversation with Traci from Tate, she asked me who I thought my target audience was. I very matter-of-factly told her: Women 18-85!

She was quiet for a nano second and I could have sworn I heard her smile! She let me know that was way too broad and she tried to explain why.

I interrupted her with my thoughts on the title that I was still not happy about, explaining that I thought it was wrong because I want all women to read it. She ever so nicely said, “Oh really? You believe your book is for married women?”

Well, I just know that she reached through that phone and ever so gently threw a cold glass of water right in my face as I replayed Lacey’s journey in the book. “Well” – I stammered, only long enough to pay attention to the light that had suddenly turned on in my head. I’m surprised she didn’t’ feel the heat of my embarrassment coming through the phone as I humbly and I do mean humbly admitted, “Well, no, I guess not.”

The Book that Began the Journey!

She went on to explain that we had to pick a niche, a target audience to reach and that the target audience will work like fingers, spreading out to the other women. So, to make that long story short, our target audience is: Women, ages 30-45, gone through or going through a divorce or broken relationship, and/or a single mom.

The weight that lifted out of my heart and off of my shoulders as that truth set in and resonated in my soul is an indescribable feeling, but one that has set me free from the depression/oppression.

Please join me Monday for more publication breakthroughs and thanks so much for being such an important part of this journey!






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