What are you Saying When You’re Praying?

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

EL pen Logo with heartOh, happy day to you, Coffee Hour Friend. I’m delighted you could join me today for a little break and I’m especially humbled by what He gave me to share with you. It’s something kind of light-hearted but thought-provoking all at the same time! Grab your coffee and come on in for a bit.

The other day I was out on a run and I was listening to Air-1. I was enjoying the beauty of the day. The temperature was just right for running and I just love running through the various scents and smells of the neighborhood: dryer sheets, for example, waft through the air; or the smell of a certain kind of tree, or plant or flower. And then there’s the not so pleasant smells of various types of manure where I am forced to put my hand up to my nose and mouth and breathe in the scent of my lotions! 🙂

Anyway, on this day, the sky was blue with big puffy clouds, you know, the ones where you can make out some sort of animal or cartoon-like figure? Yes, creation was singing when an infomercial with Greg Laurie, Pastor of Harvest Church. What a legacy that guy has and is. I’ve listened to his messages for years and you know, being a grandpa has really enhanced his sense of humor and softened his heart even more!

He started out with something along the lines of being careful what you pray for. “Isn’t that the truth,” I subconsciously agreed. I found myself thinking I knew what he was going to say … like don’t pray for patience or sometimes when you get what you thought you wanted or needed, it isn’t what you thought you needed. I had recently began praying for meekness and I almost got lost in my realizations of what that prayer is costing me but Greg’s laughter brought me back.

So anyway, as I was running along, I was anticipating hearing something along those lines. I nearly stopped running when he continued in a completely different direction which involved children and praying. What he was talking about grabbed my head and my heart.

Immediately I went to those sweet days of Nana Holds, a two-year season of raising our little grandson and tucking him into our bed at night – that was the only way he could sleep without nightmares was to fall asleep in our bed and then I would carry him to his once he was passed out. But this was my favorite time of the evening, when we got to pray with him.

My memories collided exactly with Greg’s point he was just beginning to make, almost like a firework going off in the sky at an exact precise moment. Just as I was reliving the prayer we used to do with him, Gregg was reciting it: Now I lay me down to sleep; I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake” …

He didn’t stop there but I did and I went back in my mind to those precious nights, wondering why in the world we would even pray that prayer with him. Was/is it for the sake of teaching him how to pray? Really? I mean, I am being completely serious when I share with you that I would get a distinct tug on my heart every single time we prayed that prayer with him and those times where he wanted to do it by himself, it was like I would stop breathing when it came to that part. But I continued the tradition … Maybe I was afraid of being accused of being too literal, too serious, needing to lighten up a bit. Oh, how I love when and how God validates a truth that runs back and forth, in and out and back in my mind!

Well, I just know that Greg had reached right into my head and grabbed my thoughts but in such a way as to evoke laughter, while agreeing with my exact unspoken sentiments: “Oh, yeah, that’s good, tell the kid they’re gonna die right before they go to sleep!” And not that that is funny in any way, but the way he said it definitely tickled my heart.

His spoken words had rekindled my thoughts, so I didn’t really hear the rest of his message as I ran, returning to my thoughts and questions from just over a year ago now. The closer I got to home, the more determined I became to come up with a new nighttime prayer. I mean, seriously, are we even listening to what we’re saying when we’re praying?

I hope you enjoy this new nighttime prayer … pass it along; share it on Facebook! Let’s start speaking over and into our children a more positive message for their sake, and let’s not just teach them a nursery rhyme!

Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray the Lord my soul to keep

Watch over me with your love and care

So I will know that you are there

Isn’t that what we want our kids to know; that our Heavenly Father watches over them as they sleep, and will be there for them in the morning when they wake? Heck, don’t we need to continue to remember the truth of that? Oh, that we would be mindful of what we’re saying when we’re praying!

Sweet dreams …

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One Response to “What are you Saying When You’re Praying?”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    That prayer has been around since I was a babe. I guess in a way it refers to unexpected happenings during our sleep. There was much fear when I was a child during WWII and after, of bomb attacks. We had duck and cover training in schools, bunkers being built underground in case of a Atom Bomb being dropped on us. So I think fear had a lot to do with that prayer we were taught then. Now that we are older we have learned that God is our protector and fear is of the devil because God is LOVE and no fear exists in love. Think of the words of some of our lullabies like, “Rock a bye baby.”, and let’s not forget old hymns that we repeated in reverence that were not real biblically right. “We Three Kings”, comes to mind. There is a lot of things we quote that we have been taught without a thought to the truth of it. Yep, gotta pay closer attention to those words.