September Wow Review-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour and thanks for coming by. It’s that time of the month, the last day, so let’s review September’s WOW – words of wisdom. Grab your coffee and come on in.

So this past month, I’ve had some real freedom from expectations from others because of the first part of this scripture, “Come to me all who are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” I loved discovering that heavy-laden wasn’t just burdens/trials, but also expectations put upon us by others, and laws – legalism. This part of the verse has truly helped me to learn to be pleasing my Father instead of people, because He’s where my rest comes from. I am never going to be able to please all people all the time; but I sure have a better chance of pleasing Him most of the time.

Then He says to take His yoke upon us. “Yoke” in the Greek translation means “a law or obligation; serving to couple two things together; is used metaphorically of submission to authority.” So in the context it’s spoken, He’s saying instead of the obligation of the old law, come to Me, to My grace (the new law) and yoke with Me, couple with me. In other words, I don’t ever have to feel alone again through anything.

These words are holding me accountable and helping me fight the urge to panic instead of pray, to respond to a trial instead of react, to bite my tongue instead of lash out, to be humble and let Him defend me. If you meditate on Matthew 11:28-29, you can’t help but get this sense of calm. It’s like He’s the Super Captain at the helm of our ship.

Nowhere in these scriptures are there fingers pointing, voices being raised, no “thou shall not’s,” no condemnation. No, instead, I feel this peace and calm now when I read these verses, because He wants us to learn from Him, and not get sucked into the world and its mixed up doctrine. He wants to calm our seas, and not let them overtake us. He wants to give us rest, not see us strive and not thrive. He wants us to give Him the burdens we carry on our shoulders, and then He promises to carry us. Now that’s an easy ride.



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5 Responses to “September Wow Review-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

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    nice list..really helpful.

  2. Telefonsex Cam says:

    A thoughtful opinion and idea I want to use on my website. You’ve obviously spent a lot of time on this.

  3. Shari says:

    Nice Commentary and wonderful insight! Love ya

  4. Sherrie says:

    If only I can remember this when the storm is raging :0 )
    Have a grest weekend.
    Loving hugs, Sherrie

  5. Lisa Evancho says:

    I would like to see something more about this. You captured my attention and hope I will see more from you here.