Seven Sacrifices to Joy

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

EL pen Logo with heartThanks for stopping by for more of our Seven Sacrifices to Joy series. I had no idea each one would be so in-depth! Oh, sometimes I do wish I could be more surface-like, and not go so deep, and then again, the deeper we go, the less mysterious the ways of God will be for/to us and the less deceived we will live this life while waiting for the next! Grab your coffee and your Red Strand of Faith and let’s go finish this Sacrifice of Communication, which we could literally spend weeks and months on …. But we won’t! 🙂

So we talked about the difference between being angry at or with someone, and how that affects communication which inevitably affects relationships. We’ve also talked about how feelings can hinder or harm communication if we are controlled by them.

Now let’s talk about something else that has everything to do with communication. Do you have a hard time looking at yourself from the inside out? I’m sure you’re scratching your head, or not, wondering why I’m asking you that question. Well, because many of us have a hard time seeing ourselves as Jesus sees us – and let’s face it, many of us don’t even think about it because it’s just too hard for too many reasons, I thought it would be a great eye-opener to take this little detour!

Come with me back to the Garden where we see this truth of longing for communication/relationship explicitly played out with Adam, and Eve, and God. Adam, and Eve, both have just eaten from the forbidden tree, the Tree of Knowledge (of good and evil) and immediately they recognize that they are naked. The crazy thing is in just a few verses before the first sin [Genesis 2:25], this “nakedness” translates to without shame; in other words they have a beautifully vulnerable relationship with each other and with God. But later, in Genesis 3:7, now their nakedness translates to “with shame” because their eyes have been opened, so he begins to cover himself and Eve up with fig leaves. The vulnerability has disappeared and in its place is shame!

I can hear you asking, what in the world does this have to do with communication which is actually fellowship? Hold on, because I’m about to explain!

Have you ever busted someone in the act of doing something they shouldn’t be doing? Or do you remember being a child and getting caught doing something you just knew you weren’t supposed to do? Do you remember experiencing a bit of fear when the one who caught you caught you and called you on it? Well, imagine that emotion on steroids! 🙂

In Genesis 3:8, we learn that despite them, God is looking for them but as soon as Adam and Eve heard God, they ran, as if to hide, among the trees in the Garden. Kind of crazy when we think about it; to take refuge in what got you in trouble in the first place! Why did they hide? Because of their shame; that’s why.

Then God calls out, “Where are you?” Now, personally, I know He knew where they were; that was an indication that the invitation for fellowship was still valid! In other words, we see the beautiful picture of God seeking fellowship/communication by communicating His unconditional love! I don’t know about you, but every time I get that visual them running for cover and God pursuing them, it just gives me the chills while warming my heart at the same time.

See, haven’t we run from God after doing something stupid, or missing the mark? If He pursued Adam/Eve right after the original sin, then know that He pursues you and me! He sees us from the inside out and longs for communication/fellowship with us. He wants it; He doesn’t need it! He proved it by paying the ultimate sacrifice! God was the first example of the sacrifice of communication!

Now, that’s initiation for some beautiful communication!

Grateful for fellowship,

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