Seven Sacrifices to Joy

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

EL pen Logo with heartThanks so much for stopping by for our Coffee Hour and more of our Seven Sacrifices to Joy series. I know we’ve been sitting in the communication sacrifice for a loooong time now, but I’m hoping to wrap it up today, and in fact, my goal is to wrap up the whole series by next week, because we have a real fun series starting at Coffee Hour when this one is done. We are going to lighten it up a bit and I can’t wait J so bear with me; grab your coffee and your Red Strand of Faith and let’s go tie some knots in the final point of Sacrifice of Communication made sweeter and better by the Spirit!

Let me share one final thought on the Helper: I was reading from my Not a Fan book by Kyle Idleman and it’s like he reached right in my brain and grabbed a couple of my thoughts as it relates to the Holy Spirit. How many of us have ever wondered what it would be like to walk with Jesus back in the day, to be one of His disciples and have eaten with Him, been taught by Him in the flesh? Have you ever wished you could be Moses on the mountain in the presence of God, or Abraham, or Joseph or Elisha? Well, I’ll be the first to raise my hand, and my other hand and my feet, too! 🙂 I have been known to wonder aloud those very things, and to be sort of envious of these guys. But not anymore! Oh, how I have been guilty of treating the Spirit as a second string on a football team, not really utilizing its strength or power unless I really have to!

Oh, but God pierced my heart but good through Kyle but that wouldn’t have been possible without HIS Holy Spirit! See, there’s something powerful we need to be cognizant of, at all times. Back in the Old Testament, God was with many …. And in the New Testament, Jesus walked with many, but Jesus Himself in John 16:7 said it’s going to be best that I go for I’m sending you the “Counselor” to be IN you!

Do you get it? What is more powerful; knowing something is beside you or in you?

Oh but that gives me goose bumps. Never again will I minimize the importance of the Holy Spirit or wish to be someone I’m not in a time I wasn’t to be. See His Spirit in us happens when we confess with our mouths and believe in our hearts that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. That’s when the communication/fellowship begins.

Now to just allow His Spirit in me to maximize the good and minimize the not-so-good and to walk and talk differently knowing greater is He that is IN me than he that is in the world!


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