Seven Sacrifices to Joy

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

EL pen Logo with heartIt’s great to have this Coffee Hour with you! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you remembered your SOF (Strand of Faith) and, of course, your coffee and a journal. For those of you new to our Coffee Hour, the SOF is for you to tie a knot in every time you learn something or each and any time you read something that encourages you in your journey. Imagine with me that that eighteen inch strand of red yard filled with knots is your faith. When painful, troublesome and difficult lessons come our way in the classroom of life, how likely is it that your faith will become unraveled? Come on; let’s go tie some more knots in this first sacrifice of the Seven Sacrifices of Joy!

I know I have a lot of learning and un-learning to do when it comes to Meekness 101, which is why He is giving me so much life experience, hence writing material! I could look at it like a rebellious student, refusing to learn each of the lessons, determined not to turn in my homework, or I can show up to class, whether I know there’s a test or not, and have an attitude and appetite for learning. We as girls say, “packaging is everything,” but my new understanding is “perspective is everything.”

So allow me to share another exasperating lesson in this current class I’m in which rendered my heart in praise!

Just a couple weeks ago, I experienced a sort of combustible explosion of all sorts of emotions as He gave me hints, lessons, revelations in the midst of a huge test in the class of Meekness 101. One of the key subjects Abba has used in this particular class is my husband – Hmm, He seems to use this guy for most of my classes He takes me to, and through. 🙂

Anyway, I had come home from an incredibly hard day at the office – have I mentioned ministry is tough? I was not in the happiest of moods as I realized all my wifely duties awaited me: dinner, dishes, laundry … you get the picture. I was so far from praise you would have thought I was on a different continent. And meekness, well, that was like the subject of French, incredibly foreign!

Well, I have an incredibly annoying habit – at least it’s annoying to my husband – of slamming doors, drawers and anything else in my way when I’m highly annoyed, irritated and agitated.  So as I began the task of making dinner, I began slamming and banging and it didn’t take long before my poor honey was adding a match to my internal weariness turned fire! He didn’t like my behavior and he didn’t hesitate to let me know. My behavior was offending him and he, in turn, offended me.

Now, I don’t want to glorify the enemy by repeating what happened in the next few minutes; suffice it to say it wasn’t pretty! I had this sort of out-of-body experience while I watched this other woman appear and let him have it so good … he left!

Where in the world had meekness gone? Could I blame this on hormones or … No, I absodarnlutely could not! Within minutes after he left, the Author of Meekness spoke to me through His Spirit and I was awash with conviction. I could have fallen in my failure, and stayed down, but He Who is worthy of praise picked me up and gave me the grace needed to ask for forgiveness first from Him, and then from George. I didn’t agree with how he had treated me, but I needed to own my part in it and let God convict him of his. I grabbed my phone and pushed the audio button to record an apology via text. I apologized for the hurtful things I said, confessing I shouldn’t have said them. I then went on to explain what I needed from him when I am irritated, agitated, and then … drum roll… I told him I needed him to come home. I’ll be honest with you, after I proofed the text – that voice text sure has a mind of its own! – I hesitated before pressing the “send” button … but only for a few seconds. I put the phone down and went and sat down to the table set for one.

Right as I sat down, my phone beeped to announce an incoming text message. It was from him. All it said was: “Okay.”

Just like that, the fire was out! My heart immediately filled with praise, which calmed my spirit and I was able to chill out and remember that whatever God brings me to, He’ll bring me through. He honored my tiny, tiny, tiny sacrifice of praise and turned it into a jinormous praise party within me! I had failed the first part of the “Meekness 101” test, but I passed the second part.

Only hundreds more to go, I’m sure! Oh, yes, to praise Him for the lessons painfully learned … that is a sacrifice of praise. Thanking Him for His promise to be faithful to complete His work in me until the time of Christ!

Join me tomorrow for more for the conclusion to the first of the Seven Sacrifices to Joy!


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