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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

EL pen Logo with heartHello, and thanks for stopping by for our Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks for joining me for the continuation of this series on The Seven Sacrifices to Joy! I had no idea communication was considered a sacrifice, but I’m beginning to understand why it is deemed so, especially after writing/sharing that last blog. Grab your coffee and let’s get back to this incredibly important key to success on so many levels, communication!

So as I was wrapping up our last coffee hour about Adam and Eve and reiterating that despite the original sin, God still chose to pursue them, the light bulb went off as far as communication/fellowship becoming a sacrifice and how it does become a sacrifice … all because of the first sacrifice on the part of God who desired fellowship/communication with us so much that He sacrificed His only Son to be our mediator, to keep the fellowship/communication going. [1st Corinthians 1:9] [1st Corinthians 9:23]

I had a thought: while there are only 14 references to communicate/communication, and its major translation means fellowship, there are certainly a lot more references to unity, which is as a result of good and effective communication; and many references to conflict, which is as a result of not-so-good communication. Could this be why we are instructed in James 1:19 to be slow to speak? And look at all the instructions in Proverbs about holding our tongues, watching our words, etcetera. Did you get any sort of visual for either of those? Because I did and it was pretty funny! Go ahead, grab your tongue and look at yourself! 🙂

When we put all the ingredients that go into good, or bad, communication, our Keynote Speaker has definitely made a huge deal about communication. In other words, He communicated to us through the writers in the Bible. Communication is one of the main building blocks to the early church. Without it, how would the Bible have been translated as accurately as it has? How would we learn without effective communication? Where would our relationship with our Keynote Speaker and Mediator be without communication? How is it we communicate? Oops, I know; too many questions. Let’s go lay some more foundation about the sacrifice of communication with Paul!

Paul is gifted in this area of communication and uses this tool to describe our relationship with our Mediator Jesus Christ and the benefits of salvation which come through Him by faith. But how would we even have faith without the knowledge imparted through good communication? We take that leap of faith because someone communicates to us in a way that grabs at our heart and squeezes it and causes us to recognize the necessity of the reality of Christ. Do you see what I mean?

So who or what communicated to you your need for a Savior? Join me tomorrow for more of The Seven Sacrifices to Joy!

From my heart to yours,

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