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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks for coming by. I hope you enjoy our time together. Grab your coffee and come on in.

So after a full day’s work, my husband and I got to go to dinner at our friends’ house so we could say good-bye to Gum-Gum, her mom. I don’t even know where to start. We’ve been over there one other time for dinner, and we were comfortable that time too, but last night was even more special. First of all, I love the fact that this family still has that old-fashioned family value of having dinner together. It’s such a breath of fresh air in today’s society.

So I’m in the kitchen with my friend, George is talking with Bill and Gum-Gum and their oldest daughter, who just had jaw surgery, is in the kitchen with us and we’re laughing and talking, and Kim, the mother of all five,  is cooking. I’m helping a little but mostly taking it all in. Meanwhile, kids are everywhere, running in and out of the kitchen, screaming, laughing, and carrying on. A toddler not quite a year old is walking  into the kitchen and now getting under toe; one of the twins runs in just in time before he gets his little head smashed, and the other twin is reciting lines from an English saga. And I was having a ball. I never in a million years would have seen myself laughing in the midst of such chaos, but I was, and enjoying every minute of it.

When we sat down for dinner – and OMG, talk about a workout cooking for all of them while being amongst them – we all took hands and Bill prayed and then I started serving while Kim went flying around getting some of the dinner into a processor so sweet Kambria could slurp down her dinner. She’s still not able to have any solid foods.

The conversation was filled with memories that had been made while Gum-Gum had been out here this time and the laughter was dished out as generously as the amazing Chicken fettuccini and salad – which was scrumptious. I ate way too much. Anyway, everyone participated. There was not one child left out – did I mention there are 5 of them? Oh, yeah, I did in yesterday’s Coffee Hour! Anyway, I have never been amongst such a boisterous happy family, EVER, and it was a memory I’ll cherish forever.

So we’re almost done with dinner and Wyatt, one of the twins, pulls out a tablet and says, “Okay, I’m going to ask the questions and we’ll take turns. One at a time,” he smiles and then holds the card up and reads: “Name three things that make you happy.” He looked at me and said I was first. So I said, “Time with Daddy first thing in the morning, laughter, and memories with family and friends.” My husband said, “Time with God, of course, and with my wife, and good dinners like this.” Bill answered, “Obviously my faith in our Father, time with my wife and the children’s laughter!” Kim said, “Time with God first thing in the morning outside with my coffee!” and then Gum-Gum said, “Time with the Lord, with PaPa, and my family.” Wyatt’s three things were God, family and video games, and Kambria’s three favorite things were God, family and teasing her dad about boys. Maddie had taken a break and gone to read for a while, and the two little guys were on the floor playing.

I don’t know how Kim does it so many days a week, but I have to say, I think she’d miss it if it were any different. I know for me, the sweet dinnertime chaos was a fun way to end a hard day and I’m so blessed to have been a part of if. There is something to be said for families who sup together! And, oh, what great memories for the kids to have growing up.

So what are your three favorite things?

Have a beautiful day


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4 Responses to “Sweet Dinnertime Chaos From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Courtney Deaves says:

    I love that this family actually sit and eat together. That is one thing that we do here in our own home. Its one of my fondest memories I have growing up in my parents house… We always ate together at the table with the television off so we could talk to one another!! My 3 favorite things would have to be My time with my Savior, Mike, and the laughter and love of my children. I loved this today its bringing tears and healing in ways you can’t imagine…

  2. Kim Vilhauer says:

    Ooooh Kim! Thank you for pointing out the joy you saw in last night’s dinner. I love hearing it from a sisters point of view! 🙂 I am about ready to start it all again for this evening, if you and George want to come join us again! God bless you my dear friend!

  3. admin says:

    YOU are amazing!!!!!

  4. Susie says:

    I LOVE this!! Brings back memories of my growing up in a huge family( 6 brothers and 3 sisters). We always sat down for dinner by 5:30pm and someone ALWAYS spilled a glass of milk. I carry on the same tradition in my home, I think it’s so important, except I’m not as prompt as my Mom…and when the glass of milk gets spilled, i remember what my parents went through!!
    This was a nice post….love you and God bless:0)