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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power, and welcome back to “The Bachelor.” Grab your coffee and come on in for the scoop on last night’s Bachelor show and the 20 remaining survivors.

Wow, I love the view, and not of Brad, either but from where he’s staying. It’s beautiful. Chris just came out and gave the girls the rules and cautions them to each use their time with him wisely. The first date is with Ashley H with a note that says, “The road to love is a wild ride, Brad.” So we had Ashley S who got the first impression and Ashley H gets the first date. Hmmm, I’m thinking he likes the name:) Where are they going? Well, they’re on a dark road right now, and Ashley’s freaking out. Brad guides her and this is definitely mysterious, something out of a horror movie, until they flip the switch and there’s this carnival for two! How sweet. The rides are now all on and there’s twinkling lights on each of them. Why did Brad pick this type of date? He summed it all up with this sentence: “Ashley didn’t care about the fact that she was in this beautiful dress. She was just living in the moment.”

Oops, the camera is going back to the girls left at the house. Hark, it’s another date card only this one’s for the group date. “Let’s share something from the heart, Kelsey, Chantal O., Madison, Melissa, Kimberly, Marissa, Raichel, Britt, Meagan, Emily Stacey, Sally, Shawntel, Michelle and Lisa. A 15-women group date, none of them look too happy. The comments made by them are not worth blogging. Let’s get back to Brad and Ashley.

“This girl’s the entire package, intelligent, pretty, and I feel like I can be myself with her.” And you found all that out in a couple of hours! Wow! OMG, they’re kissing as if they’re doing a major throat inspection. Too much too soon:( When they begin to talk on a serious level, Ashley lays it out there, being brutally honest while divulging some of her own terms and conditions based on old wounds. She has an addict father who was absent her whole life and to this day is homeless and absent from her life. Bingo, they have something major in common. Whew, I have to wipe my ears as I watch Brad get choked up. There was a lot of honesty in this date. Love it!

Group date time. Melissa and Michelle are very upfront and intense and not in a good impression type of way. It’s Michelle’s 30th birthday and she’s making sure everyone knows it. Melissa admits to quitting her job to be there and spending a fortune to get there and for her clothes, et cetera. Ahhhh, how sweet, this date is a give-back kind of date, donating time to the American Red Cross by making public service announcements, and of course they get the whole works, hair, makeup, girly girl stuff, and even a costume to go along with their script. This is definitely bringing out all their insecurities. They get rewarded with an after party on the rooftop, “drama free” per Brad’s request. Birthday girl needs to learn how to dress, seriously:)

Oh, good! Just in time, there’s the door with another date card. Thank goodness. “Jackie, let’s get our love on track, Brad.”

Back to the 15-women date: Their claws are out for that rose and how convenient; they’re all in their bikinis. And the rose goes to . . . The birthday girl. Buzz kill. She’s really lost, and a bit evil, too.

Jackie’s turn: Her very own “Pretty Woman experience” that begins at an elegant hotel in Beverly Hills. She gets to wear a bathrobe for the first part of their date, a date dedicated to the pampering of Jackie. Then she gets to pick out anything she wants in the elegant room filled with dresses and shoes, all her size, of course. The stage is set with all the “magical” things that give a girl butterflies: hair, makeup, new dress and shoes, and a surprise evening planned and don’t forget the jewels. How could you not be enchanted by the butterflies zooming around in your stomach? Oh, when will we realize the deception of it all? Such trickery and then they pull up to the Hollywood Bowl and on the front sign is a message, “To Jackie, Love Brad.” How perfect is that.

I will say that Jackie is pretty real, cautious with love and that’s a good thing. Another good date with some honesty, but still deception did its trick dragging them into the quicksand of “feeling love.”

The cocktail party before the final rose ceremony is ludicrous. There was a sweet moment that I knew was going to be sweet even before it began and that was with Emily. Brad stumbles over himself he’s so enamored by her, and she is too, but a bit more confident, it seems. I’m not going to go into all the drama that Melissa and Raichel get into. They are way too intense and way too soon. Isn’t this just the second show? Melissa and Raichel are the drama queens and have a big blowout, not worth talking about, so, moving on . . .

How fun, there’s a surprise visit from Allie and Roberto. Why are they here? To help find the phonies! I absolutely agree with who gets the rose for being the most authentic, Emily! Okay, so on with the rose ceremony . . .

The bachelorettes still in are: Chantal O, Sarah, Alli, Kimberly, Shawntel, Stacey, Ashley S., Madison (vampire girl), Lisa, Marissa, Meghan, Lindsey, and finally, Britt. So, the two drama queens are gone!

Please come back for coffee hour tomorrow. It’s a new series entitled: “2010 WOW Rewind,” meant to bring some very important words of wisdom to life.



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