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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power, and welcome to “The Bachelor” series. The show actually started last week, so I’ll cover last week’s today, and be sure and come back tomorrow for this week’s show. Grab your coffee and come on in.

This year’s bachelor is Brad Womack, who was the bachelor in Season 7 and the one who chose no one. That’s right, he didn’t propose to either Deonna or Jenny, but left without a woman. Was that ever a Bachelor first!

Watching the finale, Brad said he felt like a jerk, admitting he was scared to commit. So what’s he been doing over the last three years? He said he did some deep soul-searching, and looked within through extensive counseling because he knew that there was something wrong with him, not the girls he left behind. He also confessed to having panic attacks afterwards, and the meanness that was expressed in all the forms of media afterward added flames to the already burning fire of self-doubt, panic and the ever burning questions searing on his heart after having been given the opportunity of a lifetime – that’s his opinion, not mine – to find love.

And what has the “new and improved” Brad discovered? He’s realized that he has extensive trust issues, a phobia to commitment and confesses being wounded by an absent father. He said he’s tired of being closed-off to others for the sake of avoiding being hurt. Next the camera goes to the faces of his brothers who both have families. They were such cheerleaders for Brad, saying he was definitely ready to fall in love, that he’s changed and ready to take that leap of faith with the right one.

So of course the previews show all the girls giving him a ration of pooh, questioning if he was really in it for the right reasons this time, if he was really ready to commit, on and on and on. People can be so cruel.

Whew, they’ve just introduced all of the girls, and I gotta tell you, there are some pretty unstable crazy girls here to find love, but then again, that’s just first impression. Chantal seems pretty real. Oh, Brad, watch out for Raichal, the “manscaper.” Yikes! Meghan thinks a man is an accessory. Then there’s Madison, the vampire. OMG, is this a joke to get even with Brad? Emily is very real, knows what it’s like to be in love. That could be because she lost her fiancé who died in a plane crash in October of 2004. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks after his death that she discovered that she would have something from him forever, a child. She’s a beautiful and sweet single mom, and she’s a children’s hospital event planner.

Oh, brother, here comes the big confrontation! I’m telling you, some people get off too much on revenge. When Chris asked, “What’s changed,” Brad says it took some pretty intensive therapy, years of therapy. You should have seen the look on Brad’s face when Chris told him the girls he rejected were getting ready to come on stage to get some answers. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” The fear in his eyes explained many of the emotions his words didn’t say as Deonna and Jenny walked onto the stage.

When Chris asks the girls if they believe in the “new and improved Brad,” Deonna is the first to admit that she has a concern that two women won’t be left with broken hearts. Jenny said that she felt that all the bachelorettes will have their walls up. Jenny wished him luck and said she was hopeful for him; Deonna said she remains skeptical but wished for him what she and Jenny found, love, wonderful love.

First woman out of the limo, and what does Brad get, a slap in the face from every woman in America from her to him! It gets better, though, I mean the girls aren’t really that mean, but out of all 30, I’m thinking there are maybe 7 or 8 hopefuls. But then again, that’s based on first impressions, which aren’t always reliable. But hey, some things never change; these girls are pretty catty from the get-go. Wow!

So the first impression rose goes to Ashley S., and I have to say I think he made a good choice. I can’t believe the emotion from a couple of the girls who didn’t get roses at the end of the first episode, and I can’t believe he kept vampire girl.

I better let you go. Have an amazing day and surround yourself in His love for that is the kind of love to last a lifetime!


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  1. Gay says:

    Well, I will just have to follow the show here, not watching this season as we downsized T.V’s as well…keep up the good a great reporter.