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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power, and welcome back to “The Bachelor.” Grab your coffee and come on in for the scoop on last night’s Bachelor show and the remaining girls. It’s hometown week where Brad will be going to the hometowns of four girls, Chantal, Ashley H., Shawntel and Emily.

First stop is Chantal’s hometown of Seattle, Washington. So let me just give you my early prediction. I think it’s gonna be her and Emily at the final rose ceremony. Okay, so Washington looked perfectly sunny while Brad was there. So the way they kept interacting, though, it was like this business arrangement, seriously, as far as life-altering changes that Brad was going to have to make if he chooses Chantal and her entourage of animals.  OMG, her parents are beautiful people, seriously! Her mom looks like her sister. Their home is something you see in Better Homes and Gardens – is that the name of that magazine? They obviously have a lot of money, but they are not pretentious at all. Her dad and Brad hit it off very well with some uncanny similarities that started a good foundation for them if Brad takes this further with Chantal. And before Brad left, he did receive their blessing. So I’m sticking with my early prediction

Next stop is Madawaska, Maine to hang out with Ashley. Ashley’s family is definitely a very happy, infectious and fun family. Ashley is definitely at the top of her confidence and joy. She was the bubbly and happy girl that came into this contest, and the insecurities that have been showing up the last several weeks seem to have taken a back seat in someone else’s car 🙂

I think what I like about Ashley is her sense of reserve, her sense of self because she didn’t let all the ambience, money, location, and television throw her into the pool of “love,” but is actually evaluating if Brad is someone she could love. So kudos to her, but I don’t think she’ll be staying. But hey, I’m always the first to admit when I’m wrong, so we’ll see.

Next stop is Chico, California to hang out with Shawntel, the one who is a funeral director and cremates dead bodies. So where do you think she has him meet her? She has him come to the funeral home that she and her family own and operate. Okay, that’s creepy, and so unnecessary. She starts showing him where he’d go after he was cremated. This was not a smart move on her part, and every door she opens to show him, her own romantic death gets closer. Big mistake!

I can’t believe it but it’s getting even stranger as she points out the tools that she uses to embalm, how she drains the blood from a dead body. OMG, this is way over the top and off a cliff! Nope, guess not, because Brad’s highly impressed with her and her passion for life despite working with death. Her dad’s got a great sense of humor and the whole family is so full of life.

The conversation got really serious when dad was talking about Shawntel taking over the family business and how she’s even better at the job than he, her dad, is. When Shawntel spoke up and spoke of her leap of faith and the job situation possibly changing because of her love for Brad, the look on her dad’s face spoke a thousand words, and none of them were in agreement with her. He even used a form of manipulation about his plans being destroyed now, but in the end, like a true dad, he put his own dreams and wants aside and gave Brad his blessing. So he’s three for three now. Well, actually Ashley’s parents didn’t give their blessing, but they did say he was welcome back.

Our last stop is to Emily’s place in Charlotte, North Carolina and the mother-daughter reunion was so sweet. Her daughter, Ricki, looks like a mini Emily. Ricki is a shy little girl and so far the visit’s a bit awkward. It sure doesn’t help that they’re on a time schedule. You just can’t put a child on a time schedule; it’s like putting them into a box. But Brad was successful when he helped little Ricki fly the butterfly kite that he brought her. Ricki even let out a giggle or two. According to Emily, Ricki likes Brad. How cute is that! They’re on the floor playing Candyland board game.

Wow, Ricki wanted Brad to come upstairs to say good night to her. Tender little heart 🙂

Brad was a true gentleman and had a really hard time as he had a mental tug-of-war wanting to kiss Emily and keeping the visit with her daughter sacred by not kissing Emily. There’s an awkwardness about him, kind of like a guy who has a crush and is nervous whenever he’s around her, but this was a bit more tense. He was really serious about respecting her after meeting her little girl. I thought it was kind of sweet. But as Emily walked him to the door, and they stood in the open doorway, she grabbed him to her and laid one on him. He was not leaving without giving her a kiss. It was really a nice one, I might add. His eyes were sparkling afterwards.

We’re back in New York for the rose ceremony. I thought he was going to be getting rid of two girls but he’s only letting one go and then the three remaining will be going to his hometown. The first rose goes to Ashley. The next one goes to Emily. Now it’s between the two with the same name. Chantal O. gets the final rose. So the funeral director is going home and will be able to carry on her dad’s business. In her limo drive on her way out of town, she kept saying she loved how he treated her; that he was so perfect, and every woman should be treated this way. Hello, we’re on television where the sky was the limit for money to create ambiance and romance, the two pools of deceit that make you want to jump and fall in love.

Next week, we go to South Africa. Wait a minute; I thought they were going to his hometown. I thought wrong. Wow, talk about beautiful country. I’ll be in Cabo next week at this time, so if The Bachelor comes on at our resort, I’ll be joining you for more of the scoop on the Bachelor.

Have an amazing day!


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