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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks for joining me for a break today. Grab your coffee and let’s get back to the first relationship in the Garden of Eden.

So the next character that comes into this discussion is Adam, the first man. He first appears in Chapter 3 as a guy just chilling, enjoying the fruit given to him by Eve. I can just picture him close to her, maybe lying on her lap and she’s feeding him and he is really enjoying this fruit without any thought to the consequences. It doesn’t say anywhere in this chapter that he watched her get deceived by the serpent, so I think it’s rather curious to assume he knew! If he didn’t, he comes across as easy-going, enjoying his helpmate and just hanging out. And then again, it’s highly likely that they were having this amazing conversation, led by Eve, about the whole experience and conversation she had with the evil one! In that case, the first time Adam enters the scene in this chapter, I’d have to say the word rebellious comes to mind; “pushover” is another adjective that I think of, certainly not a strong leader. And yet, how could something that tastes so good be so bad, right? Oh, can’t we relate to that!

I think what really does it for Adam is his immediate pointing of the finger, playing the blame game as soon as the Father asks him if he’d eaten from the forbidden tree. When I read that, I tend to not be so inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. He certainly doesn’t come across as assertive, but incredibly passive and a bit whimpy!

And finally the woman, Eve: As I read the conversation between her and the serpent, she comes across a bit naïve and maybe a little more innocent than people give her credit for. I can only imagine her matter of fact tone as she describes with such exactness what God had commanded them NOT to do. Verse 6 leads me to believe that she was curious, because she fell hook, line and sinker for the serpent’s plot. Make no mistake; she was not wanting to be God, but to be like Him and many have twisted that to be a negative when in actuality, it’s the root of our existence for God created man/woman in His image.

I absolutely love her integrity in Verse 13 and we could really learn something from this: She doesn’t do what Adam did – or what I’m doing now 🙂 — and point the finger back at him; rather she accepts responsibility for her own deception and mistake! Plain and simple, she confessed that she made a mistake.

Why is it we have such a hard time with that? Wouldn’t all of our relationships be healthier, better, stronger if we would just admit we were wrong, or grumpy, or prideful or . . .

Within all of the characters of Chapter 3 are the basic characteristics found in humanity today. We haven’t fallen far from that tree! The divine/human relationship is what it is all about; but we tend to live our lives without the spiritual component, aka, that divine relationship and we are like a car with only three wheels, a ship without a captain, and even more tragically, a plane without a pilot. Oh what a mess we make of life without that divine relationship!




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One Response to “The First Relationship-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    Well, how interesting this blog. A thing I see in the Word is that Eve was NOT (as far as I know) informed about the tree and fruit directly by God Himself, but was probably informed by Adam about the no-no. That, to me, puts Adam the in the first position of responsibility because Adam had it from God and not hear say. And then I wonder what if they had eaten of the tree of life that was not denied them before the tree of good and evil? Whoa, what horrific consequences would have awaited man then? Notice how the evil one goes right to the weakest link to deliver the deception. Eve was just the means to be used to get to the man Adam, if she had already eaten of the tree shouldn’t she have then been aware that it would be evil to offer it to Adam? Hmmm, seems All Knowing God already had the answer before the question, as usual. That’s why we so LOVE HIM and His Grace and Mercy! Thank you LORD!