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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks so much for joining me for your break today. Many don’t like this day we call Valentine’s Day for a myriad of reasons, so let me just say that whether you’re single, involved or married, I hope and pray that your heart is squeezed to overflowing with the love of our Creator of the first relationship, the author of love!

I thought it would be kind of fun to share this paper I had to write for a class I’m taking called English 175, The Literature of the Bible. Our textbook is titled: “Introduction into the Three Worlds of the Bible” and let me tell you, this class is packing a punch. This particular assignment involved the first three chapters of Genesis, but more specifically, Chapter 3 and we had to give a character assessment of the four characters involved in the chapter: the serpent (Satan), The Lord God (notice the two names together) and then Eve (the first woman) and Adam (the first man). They are in the order they appear in the chapter. The other part of this assignment asked us to compare these characteristics to humanity today! Was that ever fun. 🙂

As you can imagine, it really required some digging so here are the results of my dig, which I will break up into two blogs. I hope you enjoy what I’ve discovered.

To describe the serpent, aka, Satan, would take many adjectives, cunning being the first that comes to mind, as is described in verse 1. I find it interesting that he preyed upon Eve first, but that’s for another discussion, but does beg another adjective of conniving! In Verse 4, he out and out lies to Eve by telling her she won’t die, so deceitful is another adjective fit for the serpent because he manipulated the truth. No, she wouldn’t die physically right then and there, but there is more than physical death involved here.

He also manipulated God’s words in Verse 5 where he tells her why God commanded what He did of Adam and Eve, and in the same breath, the serpent jealously tempted her with the possibility of being “like” God, which actually isn’t a bad thing but he used it in a negative manipulative way because he wanted then and continues now to want to be god to humanity.

The Lord appears somewhat mysteriously in the beginning, hovering in the background somewhere, but by Verse 8, He is ever present, seeking relationship with Adam and Eve despite their choice, which shows His compassion. He then proceeds to ask Adam, “Where are you?” to which Adam replies that he’s hiding because of his nakedness.

The Lord prods further: Who told you you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree of which I commanded you that you should not eat?” I’d be willing to bet He already knew, so this shows great parenting, patient parenting! I’m thinking the only way the Father could be that patient is because of the love He has for His creation, which includes you and me. Oh, to be patient like that!

And then for the remainder of the chapter, He recites their consequences, all of them, and quite firmly. And, they did not die; instead, God came up with another plan to continue their relationship!




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