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I apologize for not giving you a heads up last week, but apparently there was a rerun because my DVR didn’t record. When I logged on to their site, whew, was I surprised at the comments that were left, lots of ticked off people who are getting sick and tired of the show choosing a prior contestant to be on the show as the reigning bachelor or bachelorette. Anyway, let’s get on with the show. We’re off to Taiwan.

Wow, I had no idea Taiwan was so beautiful, the landscape, the waters, the architecture, and the birds, breathtaking. So Chris explains there’s three one-on-ones and no rose to interfere with the ambience and ease the pressure, and then one group date. We’re down to six guys and hometown dates are around the corner. Constantine is the first one up for the first one-on-one. Ashley admits that their relationship is moving slower than all the others. I think that’s a good thing, but of course, with the end of the show nearing, the rush is on.

They take a train ride to a little village, holding hands, checking out the physical thermometer. They are attending the lantern festival. Oh, how cute, he’s carrying her on his back. Now they’re putting their love wish into the lantern, one on each side and they need to draw their wish on the lantern. Constantine drew 2011 on, with family, a ring, things he called traditions. He said he comes from a family of traditions. At dinner, he tells her about his family and I like what he says: one step at a time, one day at a time, one date at a time. He wants to make sure she will fit into his world. I really like his authenticity and his logic is so right on: you can’t force love. How cute, they lifted their lantern into the night sky and then they kissed. And what are the chances that hundreds of lanterns would go up at the same time? How romantic! 🙁

It’s Ben and Ashley now. They’re off to explore the park on a moped. They actually look really comfortable together, kind of like they’re boyfriend and girlfriend already. Wow, the scenery is beautiful. I’m thinking Taiwan may have to go on my bucket list. 🙂

Dinner is at Silk’s Place and of course, the ambience is beautiful. Ben talks about how important his mom’s and sister’s opinions are to him and he explains that he’d like to see their relationship go to the next level and he says “You’ve got me in this teetering point of having stronger feelings than just liking you, so after the hometown date, I’d like it to progress.” He says, “I don’t throw the ‘love’ bomb around lightly.” As I watch her expression as he’s pouring out his innermost feelings, it doesn’t feel like she’s feeling the same, but maybe I’m wrong. She does say she thinks she’s falling for him. Uh-oh, they spent the night together and the testosterone is definitely rising and spilling out. The other guys are ticked and they are now getting ready for the group date.

Oh, this ought to be fun. They’re going to a wedding photo shoot, a big tradition in Taiwan. Ames and Lucas get stuck in ridiculous outfits, but J.P. walked out in a tuxedo. Hmmm, did Ashley plan it that way? The first photo shoot was a traditional shoot with Lucas, who was anything but happy in his monkey suit he got stuck wearing. Oh, J.P. did not like to watch him kissing her; that’s for sure! Now it is J.P.’s turn who “lucked out with this date, getting the most traditional outfit, picture background,” as Ashley says, but he choked. He gets to explain himself later, and he shares just how much this whole process is tearing him up and “making him crazy.” It worked; he got the group date rose to reassure him because she’s certain that good things will come from it and after all, she can certainly empathize with his pain having gone through the same feelings with Brad.

Now it’s her time with Ryan, and her biggest discovery she wants to make today is whether they have a connection. He has gotten on all the guys’ last nerves, but he’s really a nice guy. They went to temple and made a wish to the “matchmaking” gods. Are they serious? He’s a bit giddy, and she’s definitely uncomfortable as she narrates for the camera that she’s not ready to meet his family.

The date goes on and suddenly the air is heavy as she admits that there’s no romance there. The look on his face was actually heart-breaking. He was so sad and devastated as she admitted to “just not feeling it.” Wow, that was hard to watch, the awkwardness made even more uncomfortable as she admits she was not 100 percent confident she made the right decision. He’s really torn up about it, too. So much anticipation going into the date blown up in just a few minutes, I can’t help but feel happy for him that he didn’t wind up with her. He wants to love unconditionally, and honestly, I don’t know that she’s ready to do that and be all that he deserves. But all that said, they better not put him up for the next bachelor! 🙂

Now it’s time for the rose ceremony, but first it’s time for a chat with Chris where she admits that she knows what she wants to do and she doesn’t want a cocktail party. So I’ll put it out there and say Ames is going home. Let’s get to the rose ceremony.

The first rose goes to Constantine. Don’t forget, J.P. already has one. Okay. Next is Ben. I knew it! 🙂 Next I’m gonna say is Lucas . . . and the final rose goes to – I was wrong, it went to Ames and Lucas is going home. Wow. I didn’t see that coming.

So tonight we have a little extra piece to the show, an interview with Emily, who if you haven’t heard, broke up with Brad. This is a bachelor update.

Apparently the tabloids have played a pretty big part in their break-up and hurtful rumors continue to today and as much as they tried to keep their relationship private, it wasn’t and their silence has seemed to hurt them more than help them so that’s why it’s time to speak out for the first time publicly.

Emily is having a hard time not crying. After a little bit of conversation, Chris asks where their relationship is right now and she admits that they are no longer engaged and she feels bad for taking so long to let everyone know it’s over. When Chris asked her if she was still in love with Brad, she said she will always be in love with him. Not a day will go by that she won’t regret how things have turned out and wished that things were different. Then Chris asked her the million dollar question, because everyone wants to know, not because anyone has a right to know, what happened after the final rose? What went wrong?

When the show stopped airing, she was going to get her and her daughter an apartment in Austin close to Brad, and little red flags kept coming up in the relationship and she demanded honesty from herself and she realized that her wanting to be married, wanted to have more children and wanted all of that with him and maybe that overshadowed the actual reality of the relationship. She didn’t doubt that they loved each other; she just doubted that he would still want to be with her. She went on to say that they were both used to being single for a long time and as a single mom, she had more to take into consideration. She also admitted that maybe they didn’t have what it takes to last forever because she wants it to be forever. She doesn’t know where things took a turn or how they took a turn. She admits to being so disappointed and heartbroken because she had such high expectations.

Emily wants the rumors to stop and the story to stop because as she says, anybody who has been through a breakup doesn’t like telling the story over and over and then she went on to tell Chris, “I trust you to tell the story and not sell it.”

Chris then asked her to explain the paparazzi drama. She says that nothing on the show or off prepared her for what she endured after the final rose. The paparazzi would camp out on her sidewalk all night, follow her to the grocery store, shopping, and popping out of bushes and taking pictures of her and little Rickie, her daughter. Chris asked her if she thought that her and Brad would have made it had it not been for the tabloids and the vicious story-thirsty paparazzi and she said she didn’t know but she felt it would have been much easier. Her and Brad do talk often and will remain in touch. She obviously still loves him and he her, but as she admits, it takes more than that.

Join me tomorrow for my blog entitled, “Change your mind and your life will follow.”




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