There’s Something about a Man in a Uniform… Celebrate a Veteran Today from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

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Thanks for joining me today for a coffee break on this special day. I was all set to share more from Nana Holds and remembered that I almost forgot this incredibly important holiday, and what reminded me? A story on Facebook shared by a couple of people, one worth sharing with you. So grab your coffee and come on in for this true story!

It’s 4:30 in the morning and my doorbell rings, I look and it’s three children crying (Ages 4, 6 and 9). I ask them what’s wrong and they tell me their father hurt their mother and their mom told them to go run for help. I’ve never met these kids before. I tell them come inside, ask the oldest where they live and call the police explaining what going on. It’s down the street and I hear a man yelling and screaming, “where are you” and “stop hiding” so I assume it’s the dad and he’s yelling to his children. I tell the oldest to make sure his siblings stay inside and this is around the time the cops show up. I hear them challenging the man, telling him to put a weapon down. (I guess he had a knife) then just close the door and sit on the couch and talk with the kids while they keep asking me about their mom. I had no idea what to do. I just didn’t want them to hear their dad get arrested.

After awhile, a cop knocks on the door and explains their mother is being transported to a hospital and the dad is being taken to jail. He explained the grandma was on the way and asks me some questions. When he asks me how I knew the children I said I’ve never met them before the oldest tells both of us that his mom said to go find help and he picked my house.

 I ask him why and he tells me that one day they saw me get out of my car with my uniform on and when they asked their mom what it was she told them I was in the military and it was my job to protect people. He said his dad was mean to his mom for a long time and she told him if anything ever happened to take his siblings and go to someone who can help them. That little boy picked me because I wear a military uniform, and in his eyes I was the first person he thought of to go to for help.

Thank a Veteran for our freedom!

Thank a Veteran for our freedom!

 I don’t care how much any of you hate being in the military, to someone even a stranger, you could save them. There’s civilians out there that trust us because of this uniform, the least you could do is give them a reason to keep trusting us.

 I know my life changed a little bit after this morning.”

See, wasn’t that worth sharing….Thank a Veteran today and thank God for a Veteran today!

Love from above,


kim L

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One Response to “There’s Something about a Man in a Uniform… Celebrate a Veteran Today from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    That was a beautiful story. My own father was a bronze star winner and his brother was in the tank corps in England. I have great respect for our Military forever because of all the sacrifices made from the beginning of the USA. May God always bless our armed service protectors and their families.