Things are never as they seem-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks for coming by. I would be remiss if I didn’t share these thoughts with you that surround a lesson that I seem to have to keep learning over and over again. This time the revelation happened right smack in the middle of a deposition I was reporting. 🙂  Love those living revelations! 🙂 Grab your coffee and come on in.

I walked into the law firm and right in front of me was the conference room entirely encased with glass windows. There were two people sitting in there talking and I knew after the receptionist told me to have a seat that that was the conference room where I would be. I sat down and began to thumb through a People Magazine, not really comprehending what I was reading. What I really wanted to do was get my machine set up and take a look at the caption of the case so I could input it into my computer as well as who was who. This way I could get a head start and be a little less nervous in my writing/reporting, especially since it had been over a week since I had worked.

Well, that hardly ever happens at a workers’ comp deposition because for some reason, inevitably the applicant and his/her attorney confer right on past the starting time of the deposition. What the heck, the company will pay for it, right? Uh-oh that sounded a bit pessimistic. Sorry. 🙂

Finally, five minutes before the scheduled start-time, Counsel came out of the conference room and asked, “Would you like to set up?” Instead of answering with what I was thinking — do birds fly — I took my cue and hurried into the conference room while he went another direction. As soon as I entered the room, I had this prompting to reach out to the applicant, which hardly ever happens and is a no, no!

“You must be . . .” was met with a “Uh-huh, that’s me.”

Her attorney must have told her to sit next to me because she walked around the conference table and sat in the chair to my right. She had an aura of anger about her and immediately it felt as though if I reached out, I’d run into the wall she had built up around her.

As I set up my equipment, I introduced myself to her and assured her that this deposition would be harmless to her; that the defense attorney who would be asking her the questions was really nice, not a badgering sort of guy.

Well, she took that as an invitation to open up the door and let out some of her pent-up anger. She began spewing how she didn’t know why anyone would want to be on workers’ compensation, how the insurance company had caused her to lose everything, how her life is ruined, and I just listened. All I could think about as I was listening was, bitter, party of one, your table is now ready.

Well, I wasn’t about to join her in her party for one. I offered an explanation of having been in the profession and around the legal community for almost 22 years now; that these depositions were necessary to determine the validity of the case as many people do want to stay on workers’ comp and steal from the system.

That seemed to put a little water on her fire. A few minutes later, I swore her in and the deposition began.

This gets really good, so come back and join me tomorrow for the conclusion of “Things are never as they seem.”







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