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Coffee Hour!

Thank you so much for joining me for a little break today. I love knowing there’s you to graze in the pasture of this amazing psalm. Grab your coffee and come on in.

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We left off with fearing no evil and a sheep’s ability to trust his Shepherd even when going through those dark valleys. Picture it something like this: A herd of sheep, all grazing, fellowshipping side by side; they hear the hissing sound of a snake, or perhaps the howling of a lone wolf, or even the chorus of a pack of wolves. They look up and all eyes go to the Shepherd. Their eyes stay on Him for seconds, and then guess what they do: Do you give up? They make eye contact and go back to grazing, fellowshipping, doing exactly what they were doing before the interruption of fear!

Oh, to be a sheep, huh? 🙂

Whatever kind of battle we are in, let me assure you we don’t need courage; we need our Shepherd who is the giver of all courage. Then we could be like sheep and when we are surrounded by trouble, we can seek His presence. When we seek His presence, we will abide in His presence, and then we too can go back to grazing, return to living. The sheep do it; why can’t we?

Now, before we move on, I want to share another beautiful truth with you that I wish I could say I noticed in the hundreds of times I’ve read this psalm, but it took researching for my term paper to discover these nuggets of powerful truths. So here it is:

So far, David has been talking about his Shepherd, and now at this time, he begins to talk to his Shepherd. It is with this transition that we can say that this psalm turns from a psalm of praise to one of prayer, a two-way conversation, as he declares “For You are with me.”

happy sheep

Could it be as Robinson suggests, that as long as David is talking about rest and green pastures, he is talking about his Shepherd and as he recounts the valleys in his life, the times where death was a shadow lingering over his shoulder that his praise turned into a prayer?

Join me for more grazing as we make it through the pasture of the 23rd Psalm tomorrow.

Fearing no evil,



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One Response to “Think Like A Sheep-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    So small are the words that totally change the whole understanding of the text. As what you have seen and read a thousand times suddenly gives birth to a whole new layer of truth. God’s Word consistently gives birth to new revelations doesn’t it?