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Coffee Hour!

Happy Thursday to you and thanks for joining me for more of this poignant series and a little Coffee Hour” break. Grab your coffee and come on in with the mind of a sheep as we explore what David might have been thinking when he penned this psalm! 🙂

So the psalm has moved from praise to prayer. I can’t help but think that maybe David was remembering those times when Saul, insane from jealousy, chased him into the valleys of darkness, into those seasons of lonely wilderness to try to kill him. As he remembered these things, how could he not clench his teeth, or tense up as he relived those moments? Or maybe he was thinking about all his enemies, and as he did, fear very well could have gripped his heart as he gripped the pen to write this psalm. But then, as he remembers all of the amazing interventions by his Shepherd, and he relives all the times as a running and wandering sheep that his Shepherd rescued him and protected him, I can just see him exhaling his breadth. And as he exhales, his fear goes with it and his shoulders come back down in more of a relaxed position. Yes, his life’s experiences remind him that he need not fear for his Shepherd is with him.

So the truth is that as long as David thought about rest, refreshment, the green pastures in his life, he was talking about his Shepherd. But whenever he thought back to the dark valleys in his life, he talked to the Shepherd.

happy sheep

Sorrow and/or death tend to bring the reality of our Shepherd’s presence and unfortunately, there are those of us who allow sorrow and/or death to take us away from the reality of the necessity of our loving Shepherd’s presence. The truth is that when we trust our Shepherd, even somewhat blindly, His presence will empower us to live triumphantly in and through those shadows of death. Our Shepherd knows the way to and through death. That’s a very profound statement that I pray will resonate in your soul; after all, our Shepherd traveled through the valley of death Himself and he conquered it for you and for me. If and when we really believe that, we can truly walk through those valleys and fear no evil for He is with us!

Join me on Monday for more grazing with thy rod and thy staff . . .

In the Shepherd’s love,


P.S. Don’t forget to join me tomorrow for our Power Friday!


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