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So we left off with David now talking to his Shepherd, and not just about Him wherein he says, “Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.” There are some differences in opinion about what the rod and the staff represent, literally and/or metaphorically. Some commentators describe the rod as a weapon. There are some who believe that the shepherd’s rod had on one end a point and on the other end, a fork and that the fork was used to protect the sheep from serpents and other enemies while the other end was used to prod the sheep when they would not move and obey. In other words, one end is used for chastening; the other for protecting.

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Robinson, the author of “Trusting the Shepherd” describes the rod and the staff as symbols of God’s power and he goes on further to describe the rod as a two-foot long wooden club with a round head that was usually whittled from the knot of a tree bough, helping the shepherd defend the sheep against attacks from predators. And the staff, also called a crook – because it was bent at one end – was used to restrain the sheep from wandering, or to pull them out of holes, or to pull back branches if the sheep became entangled in them. I don’t know about you, but that is a sweet picture of His protection.

Yes, the both rod and the staff are used to comfort the sheep, but not just in the way you and I think of comfort. The Hebrew definitions are: to sigh, to console as well as to “repent, to make a strong turning to a new course of action.” The Hebrew word root “com” means “with,” and “fort” means “strength.” Wow, doesn’t that add a whole dimensional depth to this verse? It’s as though comfort brings a new direction to take.

Some of us may be unsettled by the Shepherd’s power instead of comforted because we have an incorrect perception about Him and His power. But, in fact, David’s Shepherd is our Shepherd and He is as tender as He is powerful. As I write this for you, I can’t help but remember a few tender moments with my Shepherd, moments where in His power He displayed such tenderness that encouraged me to keep going, or answered a long unanswered question, or turned a doubt into belief. I am in agreement with Robinson who says that God cannot use His power outside of His love just as He cannot exercise His holiness outside of His grace.

Graze on that one for a bit and journal a time you experienced His tenderness.

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2 Responses to “Think Like A Sheep From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    Yes, the rod and the staff are two different things used for different purposes, otherwise I guess they would have one name. I know that a real shepherd of sheep uses the rod to lay against the side of the “bell sheep” to let them know they are right there with the shepherd and safe. The rod gives reassurance of the presence of the one they depend on for pretty much every single thing and situation in their lives. The key for me personally is, unwavering trust in our Shepherd. Rod or staff, he will always use it for my good. I take comfort in the fact that he knows when I need that tender touch of reassurance so that I can give a contented sigh that all is well and be at ease and peace.

  2. Tammy Scissons says:

    Thank you Nanny for your additional comments. I needed them just now!