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Coffee Hour!

Thanks so much for joining me for a little break today at Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power. I’m excited to get back to this series, Think Like A Sheep, which came to be all because I had to write a term paper for a class I just completed. This whole series is inspired from the 23rd Psalm and I never knew there was so much symbolism in these six verses! Grab your coffee and come on in. I think we left off with “my cup runs over.”

So “my cup runs over” signifies shelter in time of a storm, a peace inside despite what’s taking place outside. I imagine as David penned this psalm, this very verse, that he was remembering all the times that his Shepherd protected him, shielded him, and covered him in times of trouble, granting him a peace that transcends all human understanding. I’ve studied David’s life and I completely understand why and how he could say these words, “my cup runs over.”

I have to stop here on this point for just a few minutes more and share with you what Robinson wrote about this statement, “my cup runs over.” In his book, Trusting the Shepherd, he talks about the disgruntled people in the church who can look at any situation and tell you what is wrong with it. He says that they are poverty stricken, and not monetarily speaking. They may even have fat wallets, but their soul is thin, because no matter how much their blessings abound, their cup refuses to run over! 🙁 He then goes on to explain how a shepherd drew water back in the days of David. This is a mind blower, so keep your thinking caps on! 🙂

happy sheep

When David was talking about his cup that runs over, he wasn’t speaking figuratively of a cup of water spilling on to his lap; he was thinking about how a considerate shepherd cares and provides for his sheep. See, shepherds often drew water for their flocks from very deep wells, many of them more than a hundred feet in depth. Whew, the eyes can’t even reach down that far! In order to get the water, the shepherd used a leather bucket tied to the end of a looooooooooooong rope. That would have to be one long, sturdy rope! The bucket held a measly three quarts – but then again, you can only pull for so long on that kind of weight because water is pretty heavy! I know my five-gallon jug feels like a hundred pounds, at least! 🙂

So the shepherd would let the bucket down, and then scoop it in there just right, and then draw it up, hand over hand, for that entire hundred feet journey up! I’m thinking they were some buff shepherds! Once he got the bucket up, he would then pour it into stone cups alongside the well. It was a very long and tiring process, and if the shepherd had 50 sheep, the shepherd would be drawing water for at least two hours, because sheep are thirsty and love to drink water! Talk about an act of service! And such kindness to keep those cups filled to the brim so the sheep could drink with ease!

In what ways does the Shepherd cause your cup to run over? What a great thing to think about. Thanks for joining me today. Looking forward to our sharing Power Friday with you.

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One Response to “Think Like A Sheep-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    Man, I never thought of the work and gifting of a shepherd watering his sheep! Makes me feel even more grateful for the daily water the Good Shepherd gifts us with every single day and how we just expect it to be there because He is the Good Shepherd! Thank you Abba God for the living water that overflows. Amen