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Coffee Hour!

Happy Memorial Day and thanks so much for joining me today for a little “grazing” break as we tarry on like sheep in the exploration of the 23rd Psalm. Grab your coffee and come on in! 🙂

So those words lead us to a clearer understanding of the next part: “I shall not want.” In fact, they are like the ribbon on the package coming untied, beckoning us in to the rest. “I shall not want” denotes lacking nothing. “David believed that the Lord really was his Shepherd;” that every detail of his life had been orchestrated and watched over by his Shepherd as he penned this psalm, this song of praise from the perspective of a sheep. David understood that the Shepherd would not lead him into a difficult circumstance merely to hurt him or desert him.

Life’s experiences had taught him that his Shepherd would never leave him, the sheep, or

happy sheep

forsake him. But honestly, it was a process of constant surrender, many failures and just as many victories. Having studied the life of David, I can say emphatically that David understood as he went through some amazingly difficult times that though he certainly wasn’t liking them, they were part of his Shepherd’s plan and he trusted his Shepherd that what He led him to, He would lead him through.

Another interesting thing to take note of and tuck away but not forget is that David didn’t complain much, truly, at least not as much as I know I would have considering many of his circumstances! 🙂 The author of Hebrews tells us that complaining is a symptom of a lack of faith! 🙂 Ouch! That’s a great little button to push the next time we complain, ask ourselves what our complaining is a symptom of!

There’s something else to note that is of the utmost importance: Already in this first verse, we see a relationship, a relationship with a sheep and a shepherd, heart to heart, David knew his Shepherd was real and alive! David wasn’t just writing of stilled waters and green pastures, but the creator and giver of such things. 🙂

Just for today, help me be a sheep, accepting your guidance, allowing you to care for me, because then I will know the freedom of entrusting my whole being, every detail of my life in your hands and then will each difficulty be not an opportunity to complain, but an opportunity for you to Shepherd me!




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