Three Gifts, part two

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

2nd Timothy 1:7:EL pen Logo with heart

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and of a sound mind

The sun is risen; it’s a new day, and a bit chilly at that … finally! Love the cold and don’t you just love the recent rain storm? God is so good and knows exactly what we need. In fact, He is always ready to give and it doesn’t even have to be Christmas! Grab your coffee and come on in and join me for more of the three gifts He’s given each of us.

So just two days after deciding I wanted a tree, it was time to take down the Thanksgiving/Harvest decorations. I balked for a bit, entertaining the tug-of-war between decorating my house and not decorating my house. Just days before, I had relented and said I wanted a tree, but that’s all. Could I really go without doing anything to anything in our home? Really? I thought I could, but as I sit and write this for you, from my heart to yours, I realize I can’t and that what I need is an attitude/heart change. These things don’t have to be deemed a chore because when all the decorating is done and you stand back and look at the season smiling at you, reaching into your heart, doesn’t just make all things merry and bright?

After everything was taken down, I looked around and marveled at the boringness of it all. Everything just looked blah! My decision to decorate, at least a little bit, was affirmed as I looked at all the places that were now undecorated: the bare banister – I just love a decorated banister — the empty window sills that had boasted of harvest garland and miniature pumpkins, the fun harvest characters that sat perched on the hearth of the fireplaces and other places. And when I looked at my dining table, both in the formal and family room, I thought, I can’t leave my tables empty! So, I decided to do a bit of decorating and enjoy it and when it becomes a burden, I’ll stop! I’ll keep it simple and not dwell on who is not going to see it, but on letting it light up a smile for any who enter our home. After all a house becomes a home with the loving touch of a woman!

Oh, and then there’s the shopping … now there is one area that I didn’t hold back on; in fact, I’m about done and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it as I created new memories with a girlfriend who knows how to shop, let me tell you. I have a confession to make: I was one of those ranting and raving about, how dare these stores open up their doors on Thanksgiving at 5 and 6 when we are supposed to be with our families! For crying out loud!

But at 9:15 that night, there I was, being talked into something I said I’d never do … come a little closer because I have a secret to tell you: I had a ball! There were no crowds but there sure were a lot of sleepy people filled with turkey and stuffing! I experienced none of the mayhem that others had experienced by being the first ones in the doors of the opening stores.  I hadn’t prepared my list yet, which is kind of like going to the grocery store starving … not a good idea! By 3:30 a.m., I was buying things for anyone and everyone because I just couldn’t pass up the deals! Just kidding, but I was getting a bit delirious by then! I can’t wait to give each person their hand-picked gifts and see the expression on their faces. I’m so excited for that part of it all.

But what if they don’t like what I bought? Have you ever had that thought? Wouldn’t that feel icky, especially if you had put a lot of thought into the gift you are giving?

What if someone brought you a beautifully wrapped gift — or a gift in a bag as we do most of the time now 🙂 — and they hand it to you, do you take it … or do you just let it hang in midair and stare at it? Do you decide not to take it because you just know you won’t like it?

Can you imagine that, trying to give someone something that you were so excited to give and they didn’t take it? What does that do to your heart?

That’s exactly what we do when we don’t accept the three gifts that God, through His Son, the most indescribable gift, gives each of us. All we have to do is reach out and take them – or grab them, depending on how desperate you are!

Join me tomorrow for an inside look at the packages He’s left for each of us!

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