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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power, and welcome back to our “Tuesday Mornings, Proposition 8” series. For those of you joining us for the first time, be sure and check out the previous blogs (We’re nearing the end of our third month so I’m losing count!) so you don’t feel like you’re jumping in on the middle of a conversation.  My heart’s desire is to get us all to rethink not only our own position we take in this issue and why we take it, but the way we treat homosexuals. Grab your coffee and an open mind and come on in.

Last week, my heart was heavy as I shared about a special teenager and realized the confusion that is threatening to overtake our kids. The fact that supposed answers are just a few keys away via cyberspace proves that the author of deception is getting some of his most powerful deceptions into the hearts and minds of our kids at a speed faster than lightening.

We’ve talked about the fact that there is no “gay” gene in anyone’s DNA, so therefore there is no way that a person is born “gay.” There’s no way, in my mind, that this truth can be disputed. But, yep, there’s a “but” coming, can someone be born with a greater tendency in that area than a heterosexual? Absolutely; in fact, Absodarnlutely! Like my new word? 🙂

Herein is the confusion, and as I said last week, confusion is one of the main thieves of our kids’ innocence as well as one of the main reasons for homosexuality. Let me be a bit more specific: Have you ever had to go to the doctor’s for a physical? If you have, then you know that before you get the physical, you have to answer a myriad of questions. It’s actually annoying, all the things they want to know, but they have a reason.

If you’ve ever had to do this, you know they always ask if there’s any family history of… and the list is quite extensive, from cancer to polyps! Seriously! Many illnesses, such as diabetes, cancer, and even several chronic illnesses are generational.

Let’s pick something not quite so obvious. How about depression? Many people suffer from severe depression and it’s been proven over and over and over again, by tracing the family history, that the root is found in prior generations.

Let’s talk about something even more silent but just as deadly: Broken marriages, absent fathers. I’ll use my son, for example, but before I do, let me give you this analogy that will help this along. Imagine your child as a beautiful painting in process. Daddies are the frame work and mommies do the coloring in. Does that make sense?

When I look back at what my own son has had to endure as a result of a broken home and an absent father, it brings tears to my eyes, but it wasn’t until recently that I remembered that his father had no father/frame when he was growing up, so his tendency to leave was greater than that of being the frame for his own son and he chose not to break the cycle!

Now what does that have to do with the price of eggs, you ask? Everything, or nothing, depending on how you want to look at this, but the term “generational” comes from the “law of generations,” which God revealed to Moses way back when. There’s way too much information to go into as it relates to this, so I’m trying to keep it simple and to the point. But this fact is historical as well as spiritual.

It’s a proven fact that what our parents did, good or bad, we will have a propensity and/or a tendency to follow in their footsteps. I come from an alcoholic mother and grandfather, and though I have never had a “drinking” problem, I have definitely dealt with other addictions and addictive behaviors.

My mother was a physical and emotional abuser and up until my son was 11 – I’m cringing as I confess this – I was a screamer and definitely following the example of my mother, until I chose to break the cycle.

That’s the difference! From all the information I’ve researched, my personal life experience as well as countless conversations with heterosexuals and homosexuals too, I have to say, the homosexual lifestyle is a choice, not a predestined lifestyle.

Please feel free to email me your comments at Evinda@chicklitpower.com or feel free to leave them here after this blog. Just keep them respectful, even if you disagree, please.



P.S. Happy birthday, my precious son, Jeff. I hope and pray that 27 is your best year so far, and that the memories that you are making in Jamaica with your beautiful bride will squeeze your heart with love and inspiration for years to come. You truly are my gift from God!

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    Excellent blog Evinda. Like I said, you have a wonderful gift. Thanks for sharing it with everyone! AND P.S. Happy Birthday to Jeff also. May you feel Jesus near everyday of the year, oh happy birthday to you, oh happy birthday to you…and the BEST YEAR you’ve EVER HAD!!!!