Tuesday’s Trench Lesson

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

EL pen Logo with heartWelcome to Tuesday’s Trench Lesson! Today we attempt to answer this very difficult question, a question that seems to still be lingering heavily in the air like an enormous cloud that has not gone away since the events of December 2nd. Please, join me today for this poem which addresses why bad things happen to good people.

Just Before Christmas- Dedicated to the Victims of the San Bernardino Shooting

It was just weeks before Christmas in a fairly large town

Something happened to turn most every smile into a frown

Hundreds of first responders were told to go

To the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino


A horrific tragedy which took fourteen innocent lives

And twenty-one others almost met their demise

All throughout the county, many questions of motive spread

At the forefront, one of terrorism which sent a spirit of dread


Immediately investigations began so as to get to the truth

Eventually the FBI stepped in and they sent many a sleuth

Why would they do this; what could motivate such hate

The carnage was unspeakable, the emotional pain too great


No words can describe what those involved have gone through

The first responders, the victims and those who knew them too

No there’s never a good time for such a tragedy as this

But why at Christmastime, a season of joy, peace and bliss


The Governor was scheduled to light the Capitol’s Christmas tree

But this event was cancelled because of this senseless tragedy

Of course we have to wonder why bad things like this happened

Involving innocent lives, in a season of joy that is now dampened


How will we respond to such a senseless and horrific tragedy?

As a follower of Christ, what now is our responsibility?

I know You say we are not to live in fear

But Jesus, can you give us some answers here?


God the Father and the Son were watching all of this from up above

Tears of sadness streaming down their faces & their hearts full of love

Jesus looked down at all of His kids below

For those who were seeking Him, like all those years ago


For the families of the victims and first responders one and all

He beckoned more angels to answer His mighty call

To surround all of them with a powerful unending love

And hoped they would each know it was from them above


For everyone else, He wanted them to know

The time is drawing near for us all to go

To a place where there will be no more tears,

No tragedies like this, no pain, suffering, no fears


He looked to His Father wishing He could reveal that time

When all this evil would cease; there would be no more crime

He and the Father watched as the day of Christmas came close

Looking for those who believed despite the juxtapose


Yes, they scanned the billions of homes and every family

Their hearts pausing at the many in churches singing joyfully

Ah, this is what matters, Jesus exclaimed with tears in His eyes

Not all the spending, extending, pretending; those are just lies


He shook His head, turned to His Father and together they rejoiced

Over all the worshippers singing, sounding as one voice

Father, I’m thankful they have the meaning of Christmas still in their heart

That they are singing and they know our Spirit from them won’t depart


But there’s still too many who don’t seem to understand

That evil really doesn’t happen at my or your command

Father looked to Jesus, shook His head sadly a minute or two

No, that shooting in San Bernardino was definitely not me or you


I know they wonder why we couldn’t stop this senseless tragedy

But the shooters were both in their own cruel reality

A reality filled with radicalism, revenge and avenging too

But they just won’t understand until they are with me and you


In the meantime, we will prove our promise of Romans 8:28 to all

And sooner or later they will hear the trumpet’s mighty call

Bringing all the saints together for a joyous celebration

As is spoken about over and over in the book of Revelation


They both worked together to send down an outburst of love

From the Father and Son who still reign above

Yes, they will reign on and over this earth one day

And their sovereignty will surely have the final say


In the meantime, we must all try as we might

To outshine this heavy darkness and strive to be His light

To make sure that our lives speak of the hope of eternity

Convincing others this pain and suffering is just temporary


So let’s fix our eyes on the One who helps us overcome

All challenges, trials and tragedies that will lead us home

And though there is good and evil here on this earth

Our sins have been covered by the Christ Child’s birth…


And nothing can change that!

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