Tuesday’s Trench Lesson

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

It’s a great day for a trench lesson and who better to share than a fellow Transformer who is experiencing transformation because of her blind faith! Grab whatever you’re having for our break and come on in as Lea shares from her heart to yours!

I have always been curious. I want to know the answers. Why is that? How did it do that? I don’t want to just have information; I want to understand the information, the why of it all, the what of it all. I took a very basic anatomy class, and my teacher told me that I should continue in deeper classes because I had so many questions. I understand this about myself: that I understand things better when there is an explanation to go along with it.

That being said, there is something in my life that I have never questioned. That is my faith in my Heavenly Father, and our loving Jesus Christ. I have always had a strong faith, even when I was deep in a pit of my sins. I have always known He is there for me, even when I was ignoring Him. I have known that Jesus died for me so that I can come home to Him, even when I did not repent. Now that I am in a good space in my life, and I am giving my life to Him to glorify His name, my faith remains the same. In my heart, it has always been there.

My oldest daughter does not have that faith. I am not sure that she believes God exists. She doesn’t understand the scriptures. She doesn’t see how I can have such “blind faith” that God is real, and that He will take care of us. My oldest son is open to discussions about God and Jesus, but I do not think that he has that faith either.

We were talking the other day, and he was asking me about creation, and how could certain things be. He asked me about who made God. I told him that He just WAS. It didn’t really make sense to him, but as we continued talking an opportunity arose for me to explain a little bit more. He was talking about the Big Bang, and how the universe was created from that. Now I am not really abreast in my science, so forgive me if I say things wrong here! I asked my son how that happened. How did the universe come to be? He said something about the pressure and whatnot creating everything. So I asked him if then it came from nowhere. He told me that, yes, basically it did.

I suggested that maybe The Big Bang was Jesus creating everything. Maybe the “pressure” that created everything was Jesus. Then I told him that if the universe was created out of nothing, then why couldn’t God have been created out of nothing? I am not very good with words, and I am not a master debater, but I think that the Holy Ghost took my words and planted them in his heart.

I have faith which is a hope in things that are unseen. Barlowe Girls sing a song called Never Alone. In the song, they sing about not being able to feel Him, and feeling like they are alone, but they KNOW that they are never alone. A lyric says, “I cry out with no reply and I can’t feel you by my side, so I’ll hold tight to what I know: You’re here, and I’m never alone.”

Even when we feel alone, we never are. When you have a free moment, Google this song and have a listen. It is beautiful!

The Lord knows us; knows our pain, our struggles, and our joys. He wants us to come back to live with Him forever. He has given us everything, and all He asks in return is our faithfulness and our obedience. If you don’t have this faith that I speak of, just give it a try. If you don’t know how, then I suggest this: Pray for the desire to have faith. If you have never prayed before, just say, “Heavenly Father, please send me the desire to have faith. It is a simple step that can send you on the path back to Him. Maybe you should consider joining us in the trenches beginning October 1st; I know the trenches have helped to strengthen my faith!

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