The Waiting Room … In the Hospital of Life March’s WOW

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

EL pen Logo with heart“Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.: Phil. 1:6


Wow, can you believe it; it’s WOW time … in fact, March is more than halfway gone and though time passes faster as we get older, there is ONE thing that remains a constant, one thing that can slow us down and splash some perspective on the speed and quality of life: His Word! Grab your coffee and your red Strand of Faith and let’s go tie some knots in our March’s Words of Wisdom and Weapons of Warfare. I’m going to begin with a bit of a story.

I held my husband’s hand as he prayed; it’s what we do when we pray. First he prays and then it’s my turn. As he finished, the words that began to come out of my mouth were certainly Spirit inspired, not anything I had planned, and at the same time, this month’s WOW was confirmed. I prayed that as my husband was in the waiting room of his life, that he would take this time to right anything wrong, or the appearance of wrong, especially with his son, my stepson, knowing in my heart that we need to take the first step towards reconciliation in this broken relationship. I prayed that he would busy himself with kingdom things instead of anxiously searching and seeking for business opportunities which could literally pull him toward unnecessary risks. I prayed that he would find rest in the waiting room, knowing and trusting that the plans our Father has for him are to build him up, offer him a hope and a future, not to tear him down. And I prayed that I would be able to encourage him while in the waiting room…

The funny thing about praying those things for my husband is that prayer was also for me; it encouraged my soul, reminded me of truths that I must cling to at this time of our lives.

Just the day before, while I was talking to a former Trench Class student — someone whom I am incredibly fond of and admire, someone who is very teachable and yearns to get over herself — this same concept of The Waiting Room in the Hospital of Life came to me after powerfully poignant questions came gushing out from her heart: “When will this be done? Am I just destined to this misery and this conscious uncomfortable awareness of what needs to change? Will I ever be happy again?

Oh, how I so empathized with her, that feeling of wondering if I will ever get beyond the current infection revealed by a lesson needing to be learned. The silence suddenly filled with a giggle that erupted from me unexpectedly. I just love all the different analogies He gives me … first … and then for others.

“What’s so funny?’ my friend on the other line asked.

“Oh, I was just reminded of something that He showed me when my deep healing began years ago, right after being taken out of my court reporting seat and put on what I have now come to accept as the operating table of life. It’s not just a diet, friend, this sort of open-heart surgery that takes place in life, and more than once. See, spiritual surgery is necessary over and over; it needs to be a way of life and the sooner we understand that life is like being in a hospital, the easier it is to get on that operating table; and the easier it is to trust the Divine Physician. And, oh, the joy in between surgeries”!

I could hear her sigh, almost feel her thinking!

I continued.

“I mean, it’s not like I jump up and down for joy every time He comes to take me to the Operating Room, but I go now without fear and dread, anticipating the recovery period, for there is joy after surgery.”

“That’s really good,” she said.

I smiled.
“Think about it, I said; there are many rooms in the hospital; we are not always on the operating table or in the O.R. room. The Divine Physician performs a particular procedure, then closes us up, and picks us up, and allows us to go to the Recovery Room for some rest, to process all that He has just accomplished and cut away. Sometimes in the recovery room, our recent surgery is put to the test and we are forced to deal with others who interrupt our schedules, our train of thought, our agenda, people that may annoy us, and we are once again forced to slow down, be still, and acknowledge that He is God so we may prevent a premature surgery. “

“The point is, my friend, He who began that work will be faithful to put us back into the O.R. as needed, and keep on performing whatever surgeries need to happen until the time of Christ.”

I could feel her smile … and again, I could feel her thinking.

Suddenly we were both building on this analogy, talking about all the rooms within a hospital creating this month’s WOW, encouraging each other, hoping to encourage you in The Waiting Room of the Hospital of Life …

Join me tomorrow for more.

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