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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

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Thanks for stopping by Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power for our little break time. I pray you are recognizing His love and grace in your life each day and that when you think of those God stops, you are encouraged in incomprehensible ways that move you closer to His shelter and render you alive in Him. Let’s get back to where we left off.

So did you fill in two names? Oh, how I wish I could convey just how this verse came to life for me that day, and remains alive in me, in my pursuit to love those unlovable, difficult people He has brought into my life. When you and I put ourselves, our circumstance(s) and/or our friends and family in the scriptures we are reading, something powerful happens: His Word comes alive in you, in me, in our lives!

When His Word comes alive in us, we can get through ANYTHING because we know, in our inner being because of experience, that our pain and suffering, our trials and tribulations are but for a moment in comparison to our eternal dwelling place. We can even learn to love those unlovable, difficult people whom He calls “brethren” in this verse.

Some may believe that “brethren” refers to people within the church, especially since we are called brothers and sisters in Christ. But does that make this command – which is repeated over and over by the way – any easier, if we were to limit it to those within the church we attend? I dare say heck no because “Godly” people do ungodly things! In fact, some of the most difficult and unlovable people are within the church, which is right where they need to be that we may be a witness to their transformation process! Don’t we all start out that way? I know I sure did. 🙂

Grab your shovels and come with me. I want to do some digging on that word, brethren.

Holy smokes! “Brethren” is in the Bible 562 times! No worries, I’m only going to look up the translation for 1st John, who by the way was considered the apostle of love!

Oh, dear . . . oh, my . . . waiting to exhale! 🙂 So in the plural – remember, I heard two names and the verse was plural also – it denotes a community based on identity of origin or life; persons united by common interest – I can’t read anymore! I don’t need to. See, a community based on identity of origin could mean family! A community based on identity of origin could mean church. And people united by common interest could mean friends!

So if I do not love my family, friends, church family, I am like the walking dead! There is no wiggle room here!

I am now completely convinced and will be reviving the re-write to my first series He ever gave me, Learning to Love the Unlovable! That will begin after our March WOW! But join me tomorrow for our Power Friday!

Much love,


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