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Welcome to Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power and thanks so much for coming by for our WOW rewind. If this is your first time, our WOW rewind is merely taking the monthly verses we committed to memory last year and comparing then and now. It’s really a revelation experience to see the how the Word spoke to us in one season and how that same Word is speaking now.

As I stated in yesterday’s blog, last year this scripture was my prescription and confirmation to get two doses of time with Abba in a day – I don’t always get to do that, by the way, but I’m not giving up trying. 🙂 That was then. Now, these words of wisdom and weapons of warfare are reminding me of something painfully and powerfully true. Let’s sort of dissect these verses so I can explain what I mean.

The first part of this WOW says that we are blessed if we don’t walk in the counsel of the ungodly. There’s a whole lot in these few words, but let me share with you what these words of wisdom are speaking to me. We need to be paying attention to who we are hanging around. “To walk in the counsel of” implies relationship and if we are in relationship with people that are not like-minded as it relates to our relationship with God, then we are setting ourselves up for some self-inflicted trials and troubles.

“To walk in the counsel” also implies receiving advice, counsel or instruction. Who do we go to and confide in when we need some good advice? Who do we turn to when we need an opinion or help in a situation that has us in a state of sadness, confusion and/or frustration? Do we go to the person we know will tell us what we want to hear or do we seek out someone we respect who we know will speak the truth, even if it’s uncomfortable?

I’m trying to think of an example that you can relate to, so hopefully I’ll have one for you tomorrow! 🙂

Influenced by Him,



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One Response to “We Become Like Who We Hang Out With-Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    Excellent question you have put out there. I always told myself and others that when you seek advice on whatever, marriage, self, relationships and situations that may be a problem in your life. Make sure you ask of someone who is a proven success in that area. You wouldn’t take instructions about how to cook from someone who was lousy in that portion of life. We seek the Lord first and He leads us in His Word and to that “specific” one we can trust.