We Become Like Who We Hang Out With-WOW Rewind from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Happy Thursday to you! Thanks for coming by Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power for a quick cup of encouragement. Grab your coffee, or whatever you’re having, and come on in. We’re chewing on some words of wisdom so we can use ‘em as weapons of warfare. They come from the 1st book of Psalms, verses 1-3. 🙂

You’ve heard the saying, where your treasure is, your heart is? Or what about, you can tell what a person cares most about by their checkbook? These may not be exact quotes, but they are a great lead-in for where we need to go in the rest of this WOW rewind, which says: “—his/her delight is in the Law of the Lord, and in His Law, he/she meditates day and night.

So first of all, last year, this was my confirmation to the calling of doing more than just beginning my day with Him by ending my day with Him as well. Before I get to what these words are saying to me this year, let me just clarify one thing so there’s not any confusion. “Law of the Lord” simply means His Word, His love letters to us, His basic instructions to us before we leave this earth, our temporary dwelling place. We are no longer under the law as is spoken of in the Old Testament. Okay, glad we got that clear.

So here’s what I’m hearing now about this part of the WOW: Most doctors agree that a healthy and balanced diet consists of at least three balanced meals. We eat to feed our physical beings, and some of us may eat to fulfill emotional needs as well. I’m not talking about any bad or unhealthy eating habits; I’m confining this example/analogy to what has proven to be normal and healthy, for most persons, that is. 🙂

Edible food is for the body what The Word of God is to the soul. The more you eat the more spiritual energy you’ll have! I just had another thought that tickled my heart: So I work hard to try and stay healthy and fit and yet I sure wouldn’t mind being spiritually overweight! Is there such a thing? 🙂

Hungry for more of Him,



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