We Become Like Who We Hang Out With-WOW Rewind from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power and thanks for sharing your break today with me. Grab your coffee and let’s get back to another example of standing in the path of sinners in our WOW Rewind! 🙂

Now let’s bring it to the not so obvious temptations, and again I will speak from experience and therefore from my heart. What about when we’re feeling incredibly negative; who do we choose to hang out with and what do we do? If your answer is you don’t hang out with anyone, which is what mine usually is, here’s a different flashlight to use to shine some light on these dark times.

There have been and continue to be times where I literally can’t stand myself because I’m so anxious, uptight and negative. Usually all I want to do is to run and hide under a rock and stay by myself but I am learning that I’m my own worst enemy in these times and I need to reach out to someone who can pull me up and out.

Now He is always willing to do that but because we have these tents of flesh, we often want to be pulled up by someone we can see, so if you can’t take Him under that rock with you, find a friend who you know isn’t in the same frame of mind with you and give her a call and/or go hang out for a bit.

I can hear you saying, but what if I don’t feel like it? Oh, how we’ve got to learn how to not let those darned feelings control us, but in the meantime, try this: Say the name JESUS. Come on, I double-dog dare you say the name of JESUS when you’re in a rut, or facing a temptation that gets larger as it gets closer.

I guarantee you, your direction of travel, physical, emotional and spiritual, will change.

Join me tomorrow for more on this WOW rewind.




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