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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and welcome back to the “Wedding Highlights.” If this is your first time joining us, you might want to go back to Monday’s blog so you get the full scoop. If you’re returning, thanks for coming back. Grab your coffee and come on in!

So after he had Jeff and Lauren face each other, and exchange their vows – which were exchanged slowly and meaningfully, I might add– they exchanged rings, and then they went up and lit their unity candle. Rev. Murray talked to us about their individuality becoming commonality, and about the premarital counseling he had done with them, covering communication, finances and conflict.

Then he stood in the middle of Jeff and Lauren and asked the parents of the bride to stand. Dave and Pam stood. And then he asked the parents of the groom to stand, and so George and I stood. Rev. Murray says, “Face each other, please.” So we did. I smiled at Dave, such a gentle giant of a man, and then I beamed over at Pam. I have really come to love this woman, aka, MOB, Mother of the Bride.

We all looked up at Rev. Murray as he cleared his throat and looked at the four of us and said: “Now I’m going to teach you some initials. They are M.Y.O.B. and that’s for mind your own business.” I threw my head back and hooted in agreement while I laughed. That was so good and so necessary. He was reminding me of what our Father had told me just a couple of days ago when I wrote the “Leave and Cleave” blog for Jeff. My heart for my son will never change, but my position has and has to!

Rev. Murray continued: “They will do much better at resolving conflict if you folks stay out of it.” He then told us we could be seated. He talked for a few minutes about how each of them had come to the marriage as a giver, not a giver and a taker, but both givers! I loved that. He was so engaging that I’m sure everyone felt as though they were actually part of the ceremony, which is probably what he wanted.

In fact, I’ve learned that when we do attend a wedding, we are not merely attending the festivities but we are committing to and agreeing to stand by the couple in prayer through the good times and the bad, and encourage them to stay in the journey together. In fact, Chip told me himself that he was going to be getting with them both in a few months to do a little tune up with them! Loved that!

So then Rev. Murray said that they had a surprise for the mothers, and asked us to stand once again, so Pam and I looked at each other and we stood and Lauren went to her mom and Jeff came to me, each holding a beautiful long-stem rose. Once again, the look on his face changed and it was a look of love laced with so much gratitude and gratefulness. He handed me my rose and then took me in his arms and let go of a couple of sobs in between whispering, “I love you so much, Mom.” I was lost in that moment and I wish it could have lasted longer. Where have all the years gone? I let a few tears fall and then I whispered, “I’m so proud of you, Son, so very, very proud, and happy for you too.” He squeezed me real tight before walking back with his Bride to finish the ceremony.

Please, join me tomorrow for the final “Wedding Highlights.” Have a great day.



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  1. Sherrie says:

    So wonderful, and so happy for you all.