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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

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John 8:32-33: And Jesus said to those Jews who believed, if you abide in My Word, you are My disciples indeed; and you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

Welcome to Wednesday’s Word & Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power. Oh, His Word will take us where we need to go, keep us where we need to stay and prevent us from going in the wrong direction. Grab your favorite beverage and your Strand of Faith and let’s go tie some knots in our strand of faith.

Have you ever gotten lost on your way home? I realize that in today’s era, with all of our technology available, any sort of directions at our fingertips just by asking Google or Navigation or our factory-installed GPS equipment in our cars, it’s a little more difficult to get lost. And yet, I have found myself lost a time or two as I don’t always remember to rely on technology! I’ve even been known to go to the wrong law office for a deposition before, having put in the wrong number or even worse, getting the wrong information! Wow, is that ever embarrassing! J

No matter the situation, the availability of technology or unavailability, getting lost is a horrible feeling. And yet, I run into so many hurting people who are not lost, per se; however they are overwhelmed with suffering of some sort. The waves of life have tossed them to and fro, and they have sort of lost their way.

Talk to the wife who has just discovered her husband’s having an affair…with another woman, or with an addiction of some sort, and then there’s the parent(s) hurting over the choices their child is making, choices that surely are going to cause so many unfavorable consequences. It’s like being lost in a sea of hopelessness for there is nothing to do but watch the unfortunate consequences come and…do whatever they’re going to do. And what about the one just given a life sentence via a medical diagnosis with a prognosis revealing the end is around the corner?

Friends, life is happening all around us and if it’s not happening to us, it’s happening to those close to us. What are we doing for them? What kind of directions are we giving when they reach out for help? Where do we send them or do we even stop to notice they’re a bit lost in their sea of life and the circumstances swimming around them threatening to overwhelm them, toss them to and fro that they may lose their way?

See, no matter the circumstance, and I’ve endured just about every one of those mentioned above, there is a place to abide where we will never get lost, a place that will shed new light, a fresh perspective, a location that is filled with peace, hope, a foundation built with grace, a place that if we would only turn to, land in, abide in, we would find freedom from all that has us overwhelmed: His Love Letters to you and me!

It’s time to stop being one of those who don’t ask for directions and abide in that place that we will be found, never to get lost again!

When we abide in His Word, and invite others to join us there, it is there we are found, and freed!

Abide means to dwell…where are you dwelling in mind, body and soul?

Abiding in His promises and principles,

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