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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

Connect to Disconnect

Welcome to Wednesday’s Word and Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…oh, and Trench Classes United, too! There is now a whole new experience at our website, so take some time to check it out and let us know what you think! In the meantime, grab your coffee and come on in and join me for a day in L.A.

My husband dropped me off at the train station and he left to go to the hospital to be with his mom who was scheduled for surgery at 7. His parting words echoed in my heart: “You look really cute! You look like an Easter egg!” I literally giggled within as I hurried to board the train, though I was so exhausted, I felt as though a pair of toothpicks to hold my eyes open would do wonders.

Sitting on the train I was able to get some ministry work done, and also able to revel in a flood of memories from my season in L.A. as a reporter for the Superior Court. I loved that season. It’s not that there wasn’t any pain, or difficult times; in fact it was wrought with difficult times and trials as well as serious growing pains. But as I look back on it now, it was necessary to bring me to where I am today.

I turned my laptop off as the conductor announced “Union Station, our next and final stop.” I made my way to the doors, marveling at the change of culture. What I mean by that is when I rode the train all those years ago to and from work, people on the train were friendly, gregarious, hilarious, and many friendships were formed. As I made my way to the subway, I couldn’t help but notice how many people had headphones on. It’s almost as if they had a sign on them that said, “Stay away!” They seemed so disconnected, so unaware of their surroundings, and yet, maybe that’s their way of coping with the craziness of L.A.

These thoughts followed me all the way off the subway and up the escalators, out of the sub-station and onto the streets of L.A., Figueroa and Seventh, to be exact. As the street signs and buildings became more visible with the movement of the escalator, I let out a sigh of contentment; this was my old stomping grounds where so many memories were made and kept.

There’s something about the city that just wakes you up!

As I made my way up the hill, and I do mean hill, of Wilshire Boulevard toward my job for the day, I began to thank Him for the job, for the opportunity to see my long-time friend – someone I met in court-reporting school who reports in the criminal courts — I was hoping to see for lunch that day if it worked out. I asked Him to make me aware of others, to be a light in a dark place. Talk about motivation while pulling almost fifty pounds of equipment behind you up a loooooong hill! Did I mention it was a steep hill? J

By the time I got to my job, I had had a pretty good workout, and my mind was in a good place. I was connected and ready to disconnect from my own troubles so I could do the very best on the record…but the first job turned out to be a certificate of non-appearance! It was now 10:30 and my next job wasn’t until 2! What am I going to do for three and a half hours?

I sent a quick text to my girlfriend; she texted me back said she may be in trial. I told her I could come to her courtroom and hang out. As it turned out, her trial cancelled and she was free at 11 so at 11:30 we met and got to catch up. It was wonderful to sit and catch up with her – it helps that we have the type of friendship that can do that – and then we agreed to meet back on the train at 5…if my job didn’t cancel.

As I made my way back to the sub-station to take the subway back to 7th and Figueroa, I got a text from my friend and dog-helper to let me know she had misplaced the key and couldn’t get in to let my dogs out! My first reaction: HOT FLASH! Second reaction: Panic! I kept picturing my four-legged children trapped in their crate — we call it a penthouse — desperately needing to get out as their teeth were probably floating from lack of an outlet! Then I prayed for help!

Suddenly I remembered my bedroom slider was open so I text her that info. By the time I made it to my office, she had text me a picture…of the dogs outside with the message: “Praise God! We got in!”   My heart rate returned to normal. I walked into our office and whispered a thank you to Him who is concerned about all that concerns us, and thanked Him again when I walked into the conference room to find an attorney there confirming my job was going at 2!

During the deposition, I received a text from my honey  was at the hospital with his mom – she was supposed to have surgery at 7:00 a.m. but when he got there that morning they said it would be more like 1:00 in the afternoon. The text read: They just took her back for surgery! It was 3:30! Again I sent up a prayer to the One to whom I am connected.

When my deposition was over, I looked at my watch and knew I’d have to move fast in order to make the 5:00 train. The subway station was a mile away! I packed up so fast and within minutes was out the door, and picture this: Running down Wilshire Boulevard with my court-reporting cargo behind me, my scarf flying in the wind, rising up and brushing my face with its softness and sweat trickled down my back and my legs! You want to talk about some funny looks! It was like this giant Easter egg was running down one of the busiest streets in L.A. pulling a suitcase…with a smile on my face! Oh, and did I mention, I was trying to text at the same time but my battery was dying, stopping after a couple minutes to release one of the straps on my shoes as a blister had been born on the back of my heel!

I made it to the subway station just as it pulled away. A hot flash ensued, and again I prayed. To make the story short, let me just say that the running Easter egg made it to the train with two minutes to spare…and my phone died. A visual of my girlfriend’s text came to mind: car 153, second to the last! I found her!

As I sat down, and let a huge sigh out, I took my colorful scarf and shoes off and began to cool off!  I guess it’s one of those moments that you had to be there, but within minutes I was laughing so hard at myself as I painted the picture of a colorful Easter egg half limping and half running down Wilshire Boulevard! She couldn’t help but join in, but much more discreetly. I caught on that something wasn’t right and she pointed to a sign just a little in front of me. “Quiet car!” Oops, more disconnected people!

So why was it so important that I found her? I didn’t realize it until the moment was upon me, But He had definitely orchestrated the events of my day because not only did I get more time with my girlfriend, but she offered to take me home as well…but it doesn’t stop there. I realized I didn’t have a key as well to my own house! I was locked out! So we stopped by her house and I got to visit with her boys, picked up her husband; they drove me home and he climbed up the ladder, went downstairs and let us in and I set my imprisoned dogs free…again!

A half hour later, we were enjoying a great meal together, laughing about the events of the day…every detail had been attended to by my loving Father, even though there were times I felt disconnected, He stayed and stays connected with me. Oh, and I need to mention this very important thing: The series of divine appointments led to a recruit for our next class to learn how to live Fueled by Hope, Free from Anger!

Yes, how true it is that we must be connected to Him who helps us disconnect from the distractions that could pull us away from recognizing all those moments He intervenes, insignificant and significant moments that tie knots in my strand of faith! Oh, how this day in L.A. deepened the truth in me that He is concerned about all that concerns us.


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