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It’s Wednesday…all ready! Last week, I left off in a very difficult moment, if you will, and sort of left you hanging as far as the revelations I received shortly after having my fit and falling in it! Well, grab your beverage for a little break, and your strand of faith, and let’s go ties some knots in these truths I’m about to share that were revealed to me from our loving Father, our First Husband. (If you’re joining us for the first time, you may want to check out last Wednesday’s Word to catch up so what you read today makes more sense.) ☺

So the morning after having my fit and falling in it, I was having my usual quiet time with God…and another revelation hit me like a ton of bricks, which is the way He has to hit me; otherwise, I may not hear it! ☺

My earnest prayer about this whole season, which is going on 18 months – did I just say that? – has been for God to change me, reveal to me ways I can be better. And I don’t tell you this to make myself look better, but to share with you that I’ve seen some ugly resentment come to the surface of my heart more often than is spiritually healthy. See, what is in the heart comes out the lips, so I’m consistently asking Him to work like a gentle sweeper, ushering that resentment away, but we all know a sweeper doesn’t always get it all and any tiny thing can bring it back and make the dusty resentment reappear.

It was in this particular morning of praying for Him to once again, for probably the hundredth time, to sweep away resentment that had snuck its way into the corners of my heart, and re-asking Him for forgiveness for having my fit and falling in it the day before that with the swish of the broom He reminded me: Just as I loved you through your fit, so you must love your husband through this season of unemployment…unchanging…unconditionally…until death do you part!

I felt the aftershocks of a gentle sucker punch right into heart, and there I sat, connected to my Savior through the conviction of my soul, assured of His grace, strengthened by His promise that I didn’t have to do this alone.

Sure, I could stay focused in my husband’s lane of unemployment, and keep asking God to just get him a J-0-B, but instead, I must choose to stay in my own car and in my own lane so as not to cause an emotional wreck within our home, or anywhere else for that matter. I must trust that in HIS time, after we have both learned what we need to learn, that God will restore what the locusts have stolen, (Joel 2:25) and in the meantime…we wait. Psalm 27:14 tells me to wait on Him and He will strengthen my heart. One of my favorite verses is Isaiah 40:31. There’s a reason God used an eagle in this promise. I can either wait like an ugly angry crow by trying to force things and stir up dissension and create all kinds of conflict, or fly on winds of an eagle as I hope and wait on the Lord…for better or for worse!

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