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Am I Living Like I Believe?

Thanks for joining me today for Wednesday’s Word, from my heart to yours. I pray that what is shared today will not only tie some knots in your strand of faith, but will encourage you in your life, and in your relationships. Grab your coffee, and your strand of faith, too!

I just love it when scripture comes to life in my life! Don’t you? J  Over the last eighteen months, I’ve consistently asked myself this question: Am I living like I believe…He’s my provider; He’s my protector; His plans are to lift me up, not tear me down? Am I living like I believe that He’s working all things together in my life for my own good and His glory, that one day He will restore what the locusts have stolen? Am I living like I believe God is who He says He is and will do all He said He would do?

The short answer is: I’m trying…but isn’t there always room for improvement? So how do we live like we believe what we say we believe? What does it take? One thing it doesn’t take, and that is pretending…pretending things are all right when they’re not. In fact, when a storm hits in our lives, or a season of them, this is the time to show that you believe by living like you believe.

It all comes down to the following eight principles which are the acrostic for PRACTICE!

Practice His presence; in other words, stay plugged in to Him, the source:

I’ll be honest; sometimes it feels like I’m white-knuckling it to stay plugged in; but thank God for the years of my faith foundation that make it easier to know I’m plugged in even when I don’t feel I’m plugged in!

Remember what He’s already done for you up to now.:

It’s so good to rewind our yesterdays and remember those God-stops, those God-incidences that He showed up, nudged our heart, or whispered a thought to us, or squeezed our heart and soul with conviction, or had us reach out to another. This act of remembering will keep His presence active.

Admit your need for Him in each situation:

If left to my own devices, I can certainly make a mess of things…so it’s best to invite Him into each situation before making the mess so He doesn’t have to do the cleanup…but the amazing thing about His grace is no matter what point we invite Him in, cleanup or otherwise, He will come!

Call on Him 24/7…He won’t have voicemail on:

Talk to Him throughout the day, in the car, getting ready for work, in the midst of a heated moment look up and call upon His name. He’s there!

Take the time to be with Him first thing in the morning:

Start your day off the right way, giving the first moments of your day to be with Him and the funny thing is you will have time for more things!

Include Him in all your plans:

He’s your partner; don’t plan anything without including Him, asking for His permission. This is forming the partnership. He wants a say in your daily activities!

Claim His promises in your life:

Oh, there’s nothing more powerful than speaking a God-given promise, for when we do that it is GUARANTEED to splash perspective, and stabilize us in and through any situation.

Exercise your spiritual muscles; give Him heart service, not lip service:

Let Him have the key to the home of your heart, and I promise, lip service will change to heart service as He cleans one room (area of your life) at a time!

Oh, that I would practice, practice, practice living like I believe. I am so thankful for His patience in my practicing for the works of His hands in my life rearrange my world in a way that’s just right.



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