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1st Peter 2:20

But when you do good and suffer, if you take it patiently, this is commendable before God

Thanks so much for joining us for Wednesday’s Word and Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and Trench Classes United. Grab your beverage and your Strand of Faith. Something tells me there may be a very big knot to tie in our faith!

The other day I was on the phone with one of my Transformers and they were sharing their recent relational struggle which involved a sister and her three children and her and her two children.  As she unfolded the pieces of her interpretation of what happened that led up to her son being bullied, and how she handled it, and the results of the way she handled it, she was left in a frustrated quandary and wanted me to tell her which direction to go now. Each time I suggested something, she brought a new piece into the messy puzzle, which definitely tweaked it just enough to change the outcome had she tried what I suggested. I listened and could totally relate with her frustration but also realized that in every situation, there are two versions: the one I’m being told and the one I’m not being told. ☺

Not only that, but there were many facets to this current drama she was entangled in and as I continued to listen to try and assimilate them all, I put myself in her shoes and in the shoes of her sister and there was a holy moment that happened as these words flew out of my mouth, almost without any warning but for the memory of having read these powerful words just the day before: “Let go of your right to be right,” I exclaimed.

The silence was refreshing.

I repeated what I had said, and then added, “So many times when we know that we know that we are in the right, we want to take the other person and rub their nose in our opinion of being right, get them to see what we see, but we can’t do that for it only causes harm, and adds to the frustration. Maybe it’s time to step back and pray and just let go of your right to be right. This situation is not going anywhere, but if you continue trying to solve it now, you will only make it bigger…and worse.”

As I was sharing this with her, He was speaking to me! He’s such a multi-tasker like that! I’m pretty sure that you can vouch for at least one broken relationship that means so much to you, and recently I have surrendered mine to Him, letting go of my right to be right while praying He builds the bridge towards reconciliation, which definitely will require that I bear patiently while I suffer in my soul over the absence of this relationship, doing what is right by letting go and letting God work it out. And knowing this is pleasing to Him…well, that does make it a little easier.

I love this Transformer and her teachable heart. She got it and simply said, “So do nothing?”

“Right now, yes, do nothing; just handle it within your own household, with your husband and children and let go of your need to be right. It’s not like this won’t come up again, but before it does, you need to be prayed up so you can soften up.”
I am definitely waiting patiently to see how God intervenes in her relational struggle and mine. How about you; do you have an area of your life that you need to surrender your right to be right? I’m praying that these holy words will erase that need while rooting in your heart and blossoming in your life and the lives of those whom you love.


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