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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

EL pen Logo with heartYour Heart can Beat against You!

Jeremiah 17:9:

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked. Who can know it?

Thanks for joining us for Wednesday’s Word at Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power. Grab your coffee and your strand of faith. Trust me when I say that this Word definitely tied a knot in my faith…and in my heart!

A couple of weeks ago, it was crunch time; everything was coming at me at once, just like every other time right before jumping into the trenches with others to get better at life and love. This time was different, though. My heart was heavy, and had been for a few weeks. It wasn’t until the day of class, just hours before it was supposed to start, that I realized why. One by one all of the silent questions I had been asking myself over the preceding weeks began to surface, questions that planted seeds in my heart: “Why is this so hard?” “If this was really of/from God, surely I wouldn’t be this stressed out so maybe – well more than maybe — I’m on the wrong path.” “Maybe I made this whole crazy journey up. Maybe I’m supposed to just go back to working as a court reporter and forget this whole ministry thing.

Before long, I was convinced of all the lies I filled my heart, and it didn’t take time until my heart had convinced me they were true…and I began to “feel” these truths! What an incredibly sneaky process. The heart really can beat against you!

I did drop to my knees before class, asking Him to help me, to get me thru this first night, to reveal HIS heart to me, entwine His heart with mine so I could test if all I was “feeling” was accurate…or not. I surrendered all the questions and showed up for class, despite all the lies I had bought into and not wanting to or feeling like it, and let me tell you, so did HE…show up that is!

We had 43 registered and five walk-ins! It was amazing, encouraging and a great way to give the enemy a sucker punch!

It wasn’t until sitting in church the Sunday after that I got sucker-punched with this verse, a verse I had always questioned, and not fully understood. How could the heart be wicked? Isn’t that where love resides? I just love how He ministers to us just the way we need it, when we need it for the reasons we need it!

See, the heart only knows what we tell it so therefore, if we buy some lies and deposit them in there, the heart will take them, just like a thief, and deposit them into our emotional being and rob us of so much…so very much.

Are you catching what I’m throwing? Oh, let me tell you, my heart was definitely depositing every last one of those stinking-thinking thoughts and questions and dropping them in there like a swooshed-in basket ball, nice and heavy they dropped right in!  Before I realized what happened, my heart had taken those lies to the bank, and robbed me of all my joy and confidence in my calling.

What sort of lies is your heart trying to get you to buy? Oh, that we wouldn’t even lend an ear to things that are not of Him, and not be fooled by the robber who waits to steal our joy and derail us from our calling. Instead, may we be a people that drop to their knees and give up those lies up!

With my heart cleaned…

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