Wednesday’s Word-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Thanks for joining me for Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and Wednesday’s Word. Grab whatever you’re having, hot coffee or iced, and come on in.

Whew this weather is a bit bipolar, huh? It’s wreaking havoc on my sinuses. I feel as though there are invisible feet stomping on my chest preventing me from taking a full and deep breath. Oh, dang it, there I go complaining, despite our word for today!

Well, in keeping with the Coffee in Cabo thoughts, this power thought is part of the DNA of Rodney and Cheryl and so I’d like to extend a little shout out of affirmation and thanks to them and for them for being great examples of this very principle:

It takes more energy to be negative than positive for negativity is a burden

See, Rodney and Cheryl both called me out on something Tuesday night (after the book signing) while we were having dinner but they did it with so much love and empathy. Rodney shared that in the a.m. session of the book signing, he watched me and could feel my negative energy – not his exact words but the essence of them! He watched the people practically run by the table and he thought to himself, What if nobody comes? And then almost as if someone flipped a switch on in his heart, a thought collided with a realization: He said to me, “That’s exactly what she’s thinking.

His realization crashed with my confession and despite all the people around us and the beautiful ambiance, I began to cry. You talk about a buzz kill! I poured out my heart and confessed what I had kept hidden all these months – heck, for the past almost two years of doing book signings! I whined like a petulant child and told Rodney, Cheryl and George, it would be so much easier if more people knew of my writing and I didn’t have to sit and wonder if anyone was going to come at least look at the books, let alone buy them! Who am I kidding? I’d rather they come with the intent to buy!Bryden 153

I have never vented all of that frustration to anyone, including my husband, and as I vented all my frustration, something began to happen. I began to feel lighter in my heart. Maybe I should have been embarrassed at my outburst, but I wasn’t because that’s the kind of friendship we have with them, an honest and non-judgmental one!

When I got it all out, something happened; I felt better, but all that negativity began to lose its power. All this time these negative thoughts had been fermenting inside of me, and becoming adulterous lies, and I began to see them for what they were, negative and false, one big burden I had carried for too long.

I’m so thankful for the breakthrough that came after the meltdown!



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