“What is Destination? Joyful!” from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks so much for stopping by today. Grab your coffee and come on in. I thought it would be special to share with you the history of our “Destination? Joyful!” logo and give you some personal insight into it.

Quite some time ago when I realized that my one book was to be a trilogy, and then when we got the website going and I started learning how important blogging was, Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo were to building a platform – as they call it in the industry, I started thinking of a name for my series. I got it when I was out on a run. It crossed through my brain and settled into my heart and I have been so excited about it ever since. See, many of us wander around in life wondering what our destination is, hence the “Destination?” and our Father’s ultimate goal for each and every one of us is to live in “Joyful!”

This analogy goes so well with the whole unpacking the junk one piece at a time Evinda-ology, we’ll call it. It’s like the mission statement for Chicklit Power Ministries. I can remember not too many years ago when I was so far from my own “Destination? Joyful!” until the layers started to come off and my trunk of junk began to get lighter and lighter and lighter.

Now I have to literally journal every morning my Godstops of my joyful moments from the day before because they are so special, and there are so many. I am no longer a destined victim, but I am on the right road to “Destination? Joyful!” As a matter of fact, yesterday there were several of those amazing moments that I shared when Lauren’s Mom, Pam, and I and Lauren went into Burbank to the “Unique Vintage Shop” to shop for our dresses. The laughter and conversation on the way down was so easy and flowing and comfortable and I really enjoyed myself. Trying dresses on was a fun experience with each of us encouraging the other, and Lauren was snapping pictures of us left and right.

Both MOB (mom of the bride) and MOG (mom of the groom) purchased dresses from the “Stop Staring” designer line. Talk about joyful! Exceedingly more abundantly than I ever could have or would have imagined. I can’t wait to walk down that aisle, looking up at my son as he awaits for his bride!

Our verse to go with our logo is Isaiah 61:10 and perfectly describes the destination of joyful. “I will greatly rejoice in the Lord. My soul shall be joyful in my God, for He has clothed me with the garments of salvation and He has covered me with the robe of righteousness…

And the destination is a journey of process…



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4 Responses to ““What is Destination? Joyful!” from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Kim V. says:

    I love knowing more about the logo God gave you for this ministry! Fabulous and very “pointed” to the heart of what He has for you & all He puts in your path. Thank you for blessing me with your gift of writing. I can’t wait for more!!!

  2. admin says:

    Thank you, thanking God for the gift of you in the ministry!:)

  3. Susie says:

    How fun for you Kim and I can “hear ” the joy in your voice. Can’t wait to see your dress:0)
    it’s so cool to know that “joyful” really is God’s destination for each of us, we just need to choose it!

  4. Bailey says:

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