“What’s Seen & Not Heard? Grace!” at Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power, and thanks for coming by. I’m blessed that there’s you to share this journey with. I have a few things to share with you so grab your coffee and come on in.

So it’s been two weeks now that Trident Media Group has had the first book. As Pat, our editor, says, “No news is good news.” There has also been a couple holidays in there, Labor Day as wells two Jewish holidays, and Pat says that there’s no activity done during those times. So, the short answer is we’re still waiting, which is always a growing thing and that’s a good thing!

I just finished chapter 1 of the second book, “Seen and Not Heard,” and Pat just read it and sent it back to me. I’m so excited about this book and all the symbolism behind the title. I have a major rewrite to do in the beginning of it but he LOVED the ending of the first chapter, and so we’re off and writing the next novel.

To give you a little hint of why the title is so powerfully poignant, “Seen and not heard” is something my biological mother used to always say to us kids, that is before we were taken away from her. Whenever she had people over and we would say something, she would raise her drunken voice and say, “Children are to be seen and not heard,” along with some other profanities.

It was never a positive saying to me until I was in my mid 30s and started to realize the value of letting our life be seen and not heard, in other words, walking the walk versus talking the talk. And then as I began writing the first novel, it became clear that I was to do a trilogy and “Seen and Not Heard” was to be the second in the series. More meanings started coming at me. For instance, what I do for a living, court reporting, I am technically to be seen and not heard, unless it starts getting all crazy with two and three or more people speaking at one time, and then we have to speak up. But that revelation was a mind boggler, considering my childhood.

But then as I was writing the ending of the first novel, another even more important revelation hit me about “Seen and Not Heard,” and that is the gift of grace. As I reflect back on my past and realize all that I’ve learned from it, all that He’s worked out in me so He can work through me, I am brought to my knees in humility as I realize it is absolutely His grace that has carried me! So, that’s a little history behind the second book that is officially underway.

I’d like to close today’s blog with a little poem about grace…

I look back on my life

and marvel at His sovereignty.

Despite all the self-inflicted strive,

He’s never ever abandoned me.

He’s been my courage in times of fear,

my provider in times of scarcity.

He’s never far; He’s always near;

yes, His grace is sufficient for me.

I can’t earn it, buy it or even chase it away;

It is something that is and always will be.

As the sun rises each and every day,

Oh, Grace, carry me into eternity…

Have an awesome weekend.



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