Words to Live by-December’s WOW from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Words to Live By

Mark 5:36

As soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken, He said to the ruler of the synagogue, “Do not be afraid; only believe.”

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…


EL pen Logo with heartThanks for joining me for another Coffee Hour and more of this story that will lead us to our WOW. Take a minute to look at the verse because maybe today, it will begin speaking to you in the midst of this story if it hasn’t already. Grab your coffee and let’s get back to where we left off.

I ran to my car and grabbed my card out of my wallet, marveling the whole way over His sovereignty. When I came back, my girlfriend was just saying good-bye to Linda and I gave her a hug and told her to call me to see where I was at when she was ready to go. I handed the card to – let’s give her a name for crying out loud – Sarah. She looks like a Sarah. Anyway, I gave Sarah the card and pointed to the number she needed to call and within seconds, she was speaking to someone who wanted her license plate so we walked outside to her vehicle. After giving them the make, model and plate for the car, they told her they’d be there within a half hour and would keep her updated if there was any change.

“Well, since we have to wait for a little bit, would you like to work out some more, maybe do some cardio?”

“Yeah, let’s do some cardio. That would be great because I didn’t get to work out.”

We made our way back into the gym and walked over to the elliptical machines, she getting on one to me left. We started our workout and she started a conversation. “So you write women’s encouragement?”

Yes, I write women’s fiction, too, but I really love writing women’s encouragement.” I went on to explain about the “Cup” series, how it’s sort of like a Chicken Soup for the Chic’s soul type of book.

Her smile was so pretty, yet it held a hint of sadness. She slowed her pedaling on the elliptical almost as if in defeat and then she said “I could sure use some of that right now. I know trials are supposed to make you stronger and all of that, and refine you, but . . . I can’t help but ask, How much stronger do I need to be?” She picked up her pace on the elliptical, shaking her head at the mystery of it all.

My heart was racing and I’m not sure if it’s because I was pedaling with such intensity, motivated by her story, or if it was the sovereignty of it all, knowing I was there in that gym for this very appointment. Breathe, girl, I told myself.

I looked right at her and smiled. “I’ve learned not to ask that question, Sarah, but trust me when I say, I so understand how you feel, like you just can’t be stretched any more than you are because you couldn’t possibly own more stock in Spandex than you already do!”

She slowed down again, as if to process what I said, and then I was rewarded with a little giggle. And then she was quiet again . . . for a moment. “I’m going through a divorce.” Her confession punched me in the stomach and almost knocked me off the elliptical. She went on and I held on: “My son is incarcerated and I have his one-year-old, my grandson.”

Now I was really white-knuckling it because she was replaying my life.

“And my dad has been really sick and moved in with us and I don’t know how long he’s going to live.” Pause . . . “Oh and I work, too.”

Her words pricked at my heart and compassion came leaking out as I processed all she was going through. It was like I had been hit by a stun gun as I rode my elliptical right next to a girl who was living what I had already lived.

Let’s stop right there, right in the midst of her despair and compare it to what is going on in Mark 5, right before the verse that is our December WOW.



Jesus was among a great multitude by the sea and a ruler of the synagogue came to Him; his name, Jairus. Keep in mind that synagogue rulers of this time had close ties to the Pharisees, but despite that, this man fell at Jesus’ feet when he saw him and begged Him earnestly to lay hands on his dying daughter for he knew that Jesus could heal her. In other words, he didn’t care what the Pharisees thought, or how it would affect his ranking of leadership. So Jesus goes with him, toward his home but they were literally thronged by hundreds and hundreds of people.

Now let’s meet someone else in this crowd: a woman who had bled for twelve years, suffering many things from many physicians. She had spent all that she had in search for a cure and only grew worse. When she heard about Jesus, she managed to get behind Him in the crowd and only touched His garment, believing that that is all it would take.

Now we could go off on a zillion detours about this woman, especially since she was considered socially unacceptable and filthy, but no different than those of us who have had addictions for twelve years, bleeding spiritually because we just can’t seem to find a cure.

I know, you are probably wondering what in the world does this have to do with our WOW, let alone with Sarah?

Join me tomorrow and I’ll begin making the connection for you! For now, think about this: Don’t we all know someone who has been wounded by someone else? Someone who has been down with an undiagnosed illness, spiritual or physical? Look around you the next time you are out. Maybe a divine appointment is scheduled for you!


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One Response to “Words to Live by-December’s WOW from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    How timely this meeting was. God is so far ahead of us that I don’t know why we ever question these processes that come about in our lives. Destined by His hand even when we think He has put our need on the back burner of life. Bammmm, mind off of ourselves and on to serving others. God’s distractions are our directions! Ha