His Words to Live by-December’s WOW-from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Words to Live By

Mark 5:36

As soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken, He said to the ruler of the synagogue, “Do not be afraid; only believe.”

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

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Thanks so much for joining me today for the conclusion to our WOW, Words of Wisdom and Weapons of Warfare. Let’s face it; in this world, we can’t fight our battles with our mouths, or our actions. We need weapons of a spiritual nature! Grab your coffee and follow me as I try and follow Sarah who has bolted outside as soon as she saw the tow-truck driver.

When I went outside, I didn’t see her right away so I just began to walk toward the direction I thought she had gone and found her by the tow-truck driver. I must have startled him because he looked at me, then to Sarah and then back at me: “Did you need something?”

I smiled and handed him my card. “Nope. I’m with Sarah and I’m the one with the card.” He didn’t need to know we just met thirty minutes prior!

“Oh,” was all he said. Then he asked where the car was and Sarah pointed to a truck in the next row of the parking lot. He was gone for maybe thirty seconds and presto! Her door was opened. Whew, I wonder what happens to these guys when they go on to find another job, if they ever get tempted to steal a car because of the tricks they learn to get in one without a key!

When he came back, he asked for my card and said he’d be right back. I didn’t even think about there being a problem with the vehicle not being mine in order to have the situation taken care of, and thank God there wasn’t.

As he was finishing up the paper work, I quickly made it to my car and pulled out the last book I had, and it just happened to be A Cup of Encouragement for the Day! I signed it: “Sarah, may the words within fill your cup to overflowing and may you know you are never alone for He will go to great lengths to shower you with His love and grace.”

I walked back to her and the tow-truck driver, who handed me the little machine to sign. We thanked him and walked back to her now unlocked vehicle. I asked for her email and also asked if she would mind if I got her phone number and she didn’t – that reminds me; I need to call her! I quickly wrote it down and handed her the book.

Her eyes welled up and she could barely whisper her thank you.

“Do you journal?”

She shook her head.

“You might want to give it a try. It’s a way to shed some light on an otherwise dark situation.” I opened the book to a few pages in and pointed out how she could start journaling with this book.

Her happiness was almost childlike, so sweet and pure, as if she had been given something so precious.

I also encouraged her to find a church and get in it! I invited her to my home church and then I put my hand on hers and asked if I could pray for her.




So I did, and I don’t remember what I prayed because He prayed through me, words to remind her, just as He reminded Jairus all those years ago, “Do not be afraid, only believe.

He whispers those words to you too. Whatever circumstance you find yourself in, may you believe that He will work it all out for your good and His glory for belief casts out worry!

So who do you relate the most to; Jairus desperate for Jesus to get to his daughter to heal her, the one Jesus says not to worry for you need only to believe? Or the woman who had been sick for over twelve years who needed more than a physical healing, but an emotional and spiritual one as well?

Convicted of His love for you and me,


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P.S. I just realized this is our last WOW of 2013! Thank you for allowing me to share from my heart to yours! I look forward to the Scripture WOWs that are sure to come to life in my life so that I may share with you in the new year ahead!


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