You’re Invited to Understanding & Overcoming Depression-From Coffee Hour @ Chickilt Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour and Happy Friday to you! Thanks for coming by. Grab your coffee and come on in. I have a very special invitation for you for an event you won’t want to miss, and some more facts about understanding depression. Come on in. 🙂

Part of our next Destination? Joyful! event will be dedicated to a subject that has been requested by many of our past attendees and it deals with depression. The more I study on this subject, I realize the less I know and yet I realize the search for understanding it is essential to overcoming it.

So, let me give you another fact or two about depression:

“While the exact cause of depression is not known, it is known that depression is characterized by an imbalance of the brain’s neurotransmitters, as well as decreased activity in the frontal lobes of the brain. Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that send signals between brain cells. Depression is most often treated with antidepressant medications. It is believed that antidepressant medications work by increasing the levels of these neurotransmitters.”

Now can you tell what type of depression they are referring to? If you answered endogenous, you were right!:)

Here’s another truth about depression, which confirms that we need to know and understand this so when faced with any sort of depression, we can be better equipped to fight it.


Depression Affects More

Than 1 in 20 Americans”

— CDC National Center for Health Statistics


Hmm, I’m thinking you won’t want to miss this workshop. The information you will be given will come in handy for you and/or for someone you care about. Join us! 🙂

keepingstressoutoftheholidays.png See you on the 5th . . .


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