You’re Invited to Understanding & Overcoming Depression-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and I’m so sorry I didn’t meet with you on Friday for our series, “You’re invited to Understanding and Overcoming Depression.” So, since I brain tooted real big on Friday, here’s what I had for you:) Grab your coffee and come on in. I want to talk a bit more about antidepressants. 🙂

I have known and to this day have incredibly close friends who suffer from depression, both endogenous and exdogenous and many of them are on antidepressants and some are not and then there is the other group who have been on them and have weaned themselves off of the antidepressants.

As I mentioned last week, there are several side effects to any and all antidepressants, and they vary depending on the type of depression as well as with the person. However, there are a few common side effects. Needless to say, because everyone is uniquely different, it is hard to generalize the side effects specific to a person.

So are antidepressants necessary for all who suffer from depression? Oh, what a tough, tough question. There are so many pieces to each person’s puzzle that need to be put together before one can assess someone else’s picture and decide if antidepressants are necessary for that person. Let’s look at some of the pieces of the antidepressants themselves.

Rather than put it in hard-to-understand medical terms and get all up into neurotransmitters and all the brain stuff, et cetera, let me try and put it in easy-to-understand terms by using an example that many of us can relate with or to. I know of several recovering addicts who because of their drug misuse have flipped the switch in their brain too many times and because of that, antidepressants are vital to their healing, well-being and a tightening of the switch, so to speak, becomes necessary to even begin the healing process.

Here’s another way to explain how antidepressants aid in this process: an antidepressant like a synthetic filtering, much like insulin is for a diabetic, so we put them in until we can learn new coping behaviors. Antidepressants give us the ability to confront things without shutting down or getting overwhelmed.

We could keep going, but why don’t I stop there and give you another invitation to our next Destination? Joyful! ™ event. You won’t want to miss it! Steve Atkinson, a licensed psychologist and a very special friend of CPM’s will be there to help us understand depression and give us some powerful tools to overcoming it!


Looking forward to seeing  you,


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  1. thank you dear friend for coming by and working thru the teckie stuff:)

  2. Kerstin Rondeau says:

    Hi there can I use some of the material found in this entry if I provide a link back to your site?

  3. Tabetha says:

    Book marked, I really like your blog! 🙂

  4. Thank you! I’m glad to hear it 🙂

  5. As long as you promise to give me credit, and link back 🙂