The Bachelor-3

As the number of girls diminishes and the rumors begin to fly, it reaffirms my opinion that this kind of dating/mating on this show doesn’t ignite true love, rather the “feeling” of love and the “hope” for love. What it does ignite, though, is romance, and then we see passion follow, and so the cycle begins, that is until reality sets in. Then they will discover that romance and passion will only carry them so far.

To say that I was disappointed with our bachelor would be an understatement. I guess I was hoping against all odds that he would be different because somewhere around the beginning of the show, I thought I heard him to say he didn’t want to engage in premarital sex. Yeah, I know, we weren’t behind those doors once they closed so there’s a scintilla of a chance that they didn’t do what they were openly dying to do, or maybe it was all just an act for the sake of show biz. Then these non-actors, especially our blonde vixen, put on a pretty good show, but why? Why does that have to be thrown into the mix? Why has sex become a sport, or better yet, a way to “test the merchandise”? Why have we cheapened such a beautiful and intimate soul-tying experience down to that of test-driving it to make sure it’s the one we want? I know, many of you out there would say that’s pretty lame, to think you could have a real relationship without sex, but it is possible. As a matter of fact, there is much more clarity and depth in a relationship that is not burdened with confusion that passion can bring out of time. I’ve experienced and seen the aftermath of a sexually active relationship gone sour. It’s not pretty. In fact, it’s brutally painful and heart wrenching.

Over and over I’ve heard Jake use the words “chemistry” and “love” interchangeably and I have to say, I think that our bachelor has fallen in lust with three women and is in over his head. Perhaps it’s time to step back a bit so he can truly examine his heart!

Until the next show,


P.S. We are working on the logistics of the talk radio show and we will also be coming up with a new title because of the book that’s out called “I Kissed Dating Good-Bye” so we don’t have any confusion. Although the show will be based on some of the philosophies expressed in that book, we will be exploring the dating philosophy on a broader scale as well as interviewing some singles out there and some married couples.

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6 Responses to “The Bachelor-3”

  1. Gail says:

    I so agree with everything you have said. The word Love, is tossed around like a beach ball at a rock concert. Everyone is always hitting at it, but no one really gets it. And yes I think a lot of what happens on the Bachelor is for the sake of showbiz. One thing I have noticed about Jake, his facial expressions have shown his distaste during certain conversations. Although he has tried really hard to hide his feelings(for the sake of the show), there have been several occasions where he has been smiling at someone’s statement, but there is just a little twinge in his lips that you can tell he is putting on the smile. If he really has the character that he claims to have, it must be so much harder to do this show than he had planned. Call me naive, but I want to think Jake would agree with what you are writing about this show. I still believe he is a decent human being and a Godly man. I remember him from last season, and I remember thinking there was something different about this man than all the rest of them. Tonight should be very interesting with all the girls questioning him. I hope this gives us a little more insight into the him. Can’t wait for the first Blog Talk.

  2. Sofia Schnieder says:

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  3. admin says:

    It’s people like you and comments like yours that keep it coming:)
    Blessings to you, Sofia!

  4. Fran Bixler says:

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  5. admin says:

    You squeezed my heart with a smile and thanksgiving. So blessed by your comment and your presence!

  6. Anonymous says:

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