Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power: 4-5-10 Journal Entry

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power. I hope you had an awesome weekend and are ready to greet the week. I’d like to share with you the amazing day we had yesterday. I can’t help but smile when I think of the spiritual significance of it all compared to my own life. Though it’s heart-wrenching to think of what had to happen before this day, I love dwelling on the ONE victory that makes all of our lives worth while, the victory of His resurrection which is what brings spiritual restoration for all of us.

As I watched my own blended family all together for the first time, Easter Sunday, aka Resurrection Day, since George and I have been married, my heart was running over with emotions that brought happy tears to my eyes. Restoration was taking place right before our eyes. It wasn’t just a dream anymore. I finally felt like I had my family and I truly belonged! Our kids and their little ones were with us, eating, laughing, running around inside the house, hiding out upstairs as George and I and my brother hid eggs out in the back. George and I, and my brother Steve watched as the big kids helped the little ones find the eggs, and squeals of joy echoed in the backyard. I could hear my son’s words: “I remember how my mom used to do this for me. She’s so cute.” What a verbal hug! For those of you who know our story, I can feel your smiles, and want you to be a part of the blessing because you were part of praying during the battle that’s lasted for years. Thank you!

Oh what sweet, sweet times, and how easy it was to stay in the moments and savor them, every last one of them, from the time they each walked in until the time we walked them out and kissed them good-bye and watched them drive away. We never know when He is going to resurrect the desires of our hearts; we just need to acknowledge Him in all that we do….. To actually share in yesterday with me, please feel free to visit my facebook  and view the scrapbook. Just click on the facebook tab to the right!

Please keep coming back. We have lots planned. There will be a 10-segment (or more) short story entitled “Lacey Gets Her E-Ticket Ride,” which is all about our main character of “The Men In & Out of Her Life” beginning menopause! In addition we will be finishing “The Top 10 Ways to Love the Unlovable.” We are currently on number 7. Also, our practice BlogTalk Radio show is scheduled for Monday, April 12th @ 1:00 in the afternoon. We are still looking for three people to call in just to say hi or maybe ask us a question related to the show. The first segment is entitled “The Evolution of Dating.” If you are interested in calling in, please contact me at

Thanking Him for all of you!


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3 Responses to “Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power: 4-5-10 Journal Entry”

  1. Shari C. says:

    How wonderful it must have been to have “normal” in your life. I betcha it was almost as though you were watching from the outside looking in and just couldn’t believe it! What a blessed “Resurrection Day”.

    And…Yes, I was smiling…knowing what you were taking in. You probably never thought it would be this way, EVER!

    God is good ♥

  2. admin says:

    It was such a powerful experience, one that I dared not leave my body for…. Amazing. The power of it all is still keeping me in the air…. Glad there’s you, Shari, for YOU are part of my normal!

  3. Sherrie says:

    Thank you for sharing these blessings in your life. In our time they are long overdue. In Gods time they are right on time. I am so very happy for you. May these times now come over and over in your life.
    Loving hugs, Sherrie