Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power: Revelations=Life Experienced!

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power! It’s so good to know you’re here. Let’s grab our coffee – or some other favorite beverage – and get comfy while I share some, what I’ll call, Evinda-isms with you that have come to the surface of my mind lately….

Without U, there is no Us! – This is an amazing revelation realized by life experienced, especially in a couple of areas of my life: First, in my marriage. I’ve learned, finally – third time’s a charm — that independence should not be the biggest piece of my puzzle of life. Connection should be the greater piece. True connection requires us to be vulnerable and expose our deepest needs. Those of us who carried, and even those who still carry a lot of junk in our trunk, the mere thought of doing this is analogous to being taken to the highest mountain, having one end of a rope tied around your waist and the other end held by someone or something and then jumping off! It’s precariously scary, like my stomach comes up to my throat when I think about it, but oh, what a feeling. When that piece of independence becomes smaller by unpacking some of that junk and we allow ourselves to connect with others, there is not only incredible healing but a balance in life.

Another area that this revelation proves true is in this journey of promoting The Men In & Out of Her Life, which has led me to blogging and to you! I couldn’t/wouldn’t do this without you, so thank you for being U, a BIG part of Us!

Another Evinda-ism is: The difference between black and white is GRACE! Too many times I’ve eaten large pieces of humble pie after realizing that my way of thinking was not accurate. I’ve learned that things are never as they seem and there’s always a bigger picture we don’t see.

Being stuck on one side of thinking can do more than lend itself to isolation; it can also leave you rigid and lonely. Everyone is entitled to their way of thinking, so when and if you strongly disagree with another’s way of thinking, don’t be all black, or all white, go in the middle where there is grace and give them some. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been given more than a cupful of grace. Because we’ve been given the gift of grace, we need to apply this truth: To much is given, much is required!

A good example of this for me is with one of my unlovable/difficult people on my list. I’ve come to realize – and she is extremely black and white in her way of thinking; there is no gray – that she’s never been taught, all the more reason I must extend grace. Whether she takes it or not is not up to me, but it sure helps me in understanding her, especially in the difficult moments.

Maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to be so adamantly black, or adamantly white in our way of thinking and/or pushing that way on others. Just maybe a better way would/could be leaning toward the midline of grace. After all, the only thing we can change is our own attitude! Black+Grace+White=Harmony!

Make it a grace day! Thanking Him for U!


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26 Responses to “Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power: Revelations=Life Experienced!”

  1. Gail says:

    Thanking Him for U too! Great blog today. Good follower for yesterdays Grace blog. Another diamond I got from one of your comments today is, “Connection should bring the greater piece”, (which to me) will bring a greater peace. Keep the Evinda-isms coming. Have a great day Evinda.

  2. admin says:

    I LOVE the analogy of the greater piece brings a greater peace!!!!! Awesome….

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