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Coffee in Cabo

Coffee in Cabo

Thank you so much for stopping by for Coffee Hour and more Cabo moments. Grab your coffee and come on in.

I had just sat down after taking a picture with Danielle and giving her a hug good-bye when a new friend walked up, Venus. I met her at the airport in Cabo. She and her husband were in line right behind us and since we were in line for some time, we wound up talking. We talked all the way until it was our turn for the Mexican personnel to call us to him. You never know if you’re going to get someone moody or happy so this is one time where I let my words be few!

Yup, we got a grumpy one! The guy looked up, taking our passport and I marveled silently as I watched several emotions running across his face which contradicted the “welcome” he muttered.

Anyway, I wound up seeing her at the resort a couple hours later, and then, not coincidentally, saw her several more times before book-signing day. In those times, she told me things about herself that forever engraved in my mind and on my heart, especially about the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease just two years ago. Parkinson’s disease is a disorder of the brain that leads to shaking (tremors) and difficulty with walking, movement, and coordination. Honestly, I didn’t notice her tremors until the second time I ran into her, but when I did recognize them for what they were, I didn’t think any differently about her or toward her. She was/is so full of life and such an inspiration is so many ways. See, she has a bucket list which she is fulfilling quite nicely and most of it involves traveling. She and her husband spend quite a bit of time traveling to the places she’s never been and to be honest, the list of unchartered territory is dwindling.

She also enjoys giving back through different humanitarian events and charities. She says it makes her feel good. We talked about the reality of positivity over negativity and how it affects anyone, let alone someone with a diagnosis like hers. Her kind soul was kindred to my heart to help others and I genuinely enjoyed talking with her each and every time I “ran” into her. I had figured out through our conversations that she wasn’t a church-going gal, but I had no idea where she stands in the Hall of Faith, or if she had a faith. I guess that is why I was happily surprised when I looked up to see her walking towards us.

I stood and gave her a hug and re-introduced her to Cheryl. She sat down at the table and we began to talk, even more comfortably than the last few times. As if prompted she said, “So, tell me about these books.”



So I shared with her about each book and its cause, and Cheryl joined in with all kinds of affirmations about each one. She picked up A Cup of Hope for the Day and began to turn the pages as we continued to talk. “I’ll start with this one,” she said. I signed her book while Cheryl wrote out a receipt and ironically enough, I was glad there weren’t more people in line because I wouldn’t have gotten to spend more time talking with her and getting to know her. She shared with Cheryl and me that she had lost a son just a few years ago but she doesn’t stay trapped in the “why” of it all. We were connecting on so many levels. I honestly felt like I had a new girlfriend.

I saw her many more times after Tuesday and am hoping for a day when our journeys will cross again. (Venus, if you are reading this, please send me an email because whatever we wrote down didn’t work?)

Right as she was walking away, I looked toward the front door, almost as if I sensed something or someone. The overwhelming appreciation collided with recognition in my heart and literally pulled me out of my chair.

Join me on Thursday for the final Coffee in Cabo blog.

Savoring the memories,


Bryden 141

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