Coffee in Cabo from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Thanks for stopping by for more moments in Cabo. I am really enjoying rewinding the mental camera and savoring the memories we made and reveling in the revelations. Grab your coffee and come on in for a little Cabo fun.

We had three hours in between book signings and I was looking forward to just hanging out by the pool and relaxing a bit with my honey. We found a couple chairs right by the pool. We didn’t wait long before the pool-side waiter came and took our food and drink orders. I picked up the book I had bought at the airport, let out a sigh of contentment and leaned back in my chair as the sun splashed over me from the neck down. About ten minutes later, I came out of my sun-soaked stupor to answer someone’s question: “Are these chairs taken?”

“I looked up and saw a couple standing next to George.

“I haven’t seen anyone there since we got here.” She asked if we would mind holding them for her and her husband while they went and changed into their bathing suits and I volunteered to do so quickly.

By the time they got back, my sushi platter had arrived and I must have looked like a little girl in a candy store or something because the gentleman came over to my chair and literally hunched over – he’s about 6’, 8” – and said, “Oh, that does look good.” She reiterated the same thing but stayed back. I picked up the plate and invited him and her to help themselves. “I’m never going to finish all this. Please, take some.”

“I’ll pay you,” she offered.

“Absolutely not,” I sputtered. “Just come on over and help yourself. Look at all this sushi!” There had been 30 pieces before I started devouring it! Well, after introducing ourselves, we had a little sushi fest right there poolside and some amazing conversation. Serena was quite witty, and Lowry, well, something tells me he may be a giant, and not just physically speaking, but a gentle one! He heads up EGG, which stands for Educate Girls Globally and it is a nonprofit foundation that is now international and educating girls all over the world!

I shared with her about writing, the book signing, our ministry, and on and on and on, so as you can imagine, we had plenty to talk about, and it felt so good to just hang out with someone and talk about life, real life!

There is probably so much more to their story but I am humbled that they invited us into some of it. I looked at my phone and saw it was already almost 2:00 and I had to go get ready for the 3:00 session of the book signing but I wanted to stay as long as I possibly could before leaving. I’m so glad I did! Ever so matter-of-factly, Serena shared that her husband, who was lounging in the chair next to George’s and reading “The History of God,” used to be part of President Reagan’s executive legislation committee!

I tried to contain my enthusiasm and not sputter all overmyself; after all, this guy was on vacation. It wasn’t like I could just go and pick his brain about former President Reagan and find out his thoughts and opinions about our political position today. I looked over at George and his face was lit up like a birthday cake about to explode with light. I just know he was dying to talk with him and when Serena and I went into the pool, that’s exactly what he did.

Lowry & George

Lowry & George

Serena definitely has a sense of humor, and a sweet and sensitive side as well. She’s private but open and I felt honored that she shared what she did of herself, especially after she ever so timidly told me her maiden name. Before I tell you what it is, who she is, let me reiterate her hesitancy which speaks of her integrity and a desire to be accepted for who she is, not just for her family’s namesake and their accomplishments. I realized all of this as she said her full name, Serena Mondavi Ventura! Yes, Mondavi as in the wine! I didn’t get all charismatic when she told me. I actually showed a quite excitement thereafter expressing appreciation and respect for the Mondavi wines. I did admit that Mondavi is one of my favorite wine makers, and then took some advantage of the moment by asking if it was true that the phosphates in

Me and Serena

Me and Serena

the red wine is what causes the headache! By the way, she said yes!

“What time did you want to be back in the lobby?” George’s question grabbed my attention and pulled me out of the pool. I checked the time and told him I had a few more minutes to go get ready. I grabbed my towel and went and sat on the ledge of the pool to get a little more time with Serena. I was awed but not intimidated as she shared a couple more stories with me about herself, her family and Lowry’s foundation. I stood to go and invited her up to the book signing, which she said they’d come by. I felt like He had enriched my life and increased my territory in such an unexpected way that day and it confirmed that though we can’t see Him working, He is constantly working all things for our good and His glory.

I realize I’ve kept you a little longer today, but I must share one more thing before I let you go. As I was writing this blog for you, I received an email that I must share that proves the point I just made — My eyes are watering with disbelief – it’s from Lawry:


Serena and I really enjoyed meeting you and George while we were in Cabo.

We were thrilled to buy the books and look forward to reading them. I would

of course be thrilled if you wanted to do something with EGG in the future. I

am attaching a description of our program and why it is uniquely powerful to

change the lives of girls and poor people in many countries.

 Let’s stay in touch.



May your faith be strengthened by His whispers of love, His gentle ways of working all things out for our good and HIS glory,


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P.S. Join me Monday for more Coffee in Cabo and moments that speak quietly to the heart.


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One Response to “Coffee in Cabo from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    AWESOME! It is truly exciting when you see “Jesus” signature on a situation. Expect the unexpected, for all things work for our good because we love HIM!